Friday, April 27, 2007

Appetite surge!

I was not expecting the starvation that comes with being pregnant. I feel like I am constantly hungry and constantly eating! While I'm making food, I'm already searching through the cupboards to decide what I'm going to eat after I'm done eating. Also, while I'm making food, I have to find something to eat while the food it microwaving, boiling, or baking. I barely remember what it feels like to be full because I think I could eat forever and never achieve such a blissful state.

Wednesday I made Cody take me to Burger King on my way to work and I couldn't decide between a croissan'wich (sp?) or ciniminis, so I said to heck with it, get both. I happily had both eaten in under 20 minutes and I was ready for something else. At work today, I ate nearly half a box of White Cheddar Cheez- Its completely by myself. I've become one of those eaters who closes her eyes in ecstasy as soon as the food hits her tongue. Eating has become almost intimate as I focus intently and enjoy every bite as though it was the first (or last) real meal I ever had. Yesterday, Cody and I made steak, mashed potatoes, and baked beans for dinner. I ate all of my dinner then finished what Cody couldn't eat. I try to keep my moans to a minimum during eating, but while Cody is saying, "this is too cold" or "this needs more salt", I'm saying, "this is so delicious" and "this is perfect." Simply because everything tastes amazing.

When the girls at work bring their lunches in from Arby's or Wendy's or Subway, I drool over it saying, "How is it? That looks good." Jamie, my pregnant boss, and I talk (literally) for hours about what we ate for dinner the night before and what we're planning on eating on our break and when we get off of work. If I'm not eating, I'm talking about eating or thinking about eating. I'm surprised I haven't eaten the dog food yet.

Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to be over the morning sickness and the food aversions, but I didn't expect such a polar opposite! Everything tastes good and I eat so much of it. I was afraid I wasn't going to gain enough weight, but now I'm not worried at all. It can be a little frustrating being hungry all the time. I used to leave my money at home so I wouldn't buy clothes while I was out, but now I have to leave it at home so I won't buy food!

I've also started to drink my required eight glasses of water a day. This has proven to be very difficult since I hate water so much. I make games out of drinking water. For example, if we're in the car, I'll tell myself that every red car I see I have to take a big gulp from my huge water bottle. If I'm at work, every shirt I fold, every customer I ring out, and every time I go to the bathroom, I have to take big gulps. If I'm watching TV, every commercial I have to take a big gulp. It works for the most part, but the constant peeing is getting annoying. The last two days I have drank 70 oz. of water (each day) throughout the day. Today, I failed, I have yet to drink all my 70 oz. and it's already 10:45 PM. I feel like a water bed.

So I just ate a little pizza and I think I'm going to go to my brother's house and eat some Cocoa Pebbles and then eat some Strawberry Milkshake Oreos. By the way, they have a limited time Strawberry Milkshake Oreos thing goin' on that I highly suggest you all try before it's too late! Keebler's also has these cheesecake dunking cookies that are amazing, rich, but good. See, I told you, food is my new obsession. So on that note, I'm going to go eat more!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ultrasound pictures

No need to be scared...

I'll do a quick update because I know a lot of people are eager to hear how things went with the ultrasound! Many of you didn't know that I had a blood screening test done for and it came back positive for Down Syndrome. After days and days of stressing, praying, and worrying, I finally got to meet with a genetic counselor and have my ultrasound done to look for, what they call "markers" to determine the odds of the baby actually having Down Syndrome. When we met with the counselor, she said I had a 1:261 chance and if it had been 1:270, it wouldn't have even been a positive test we were so close to the cut-off. She explained what they were looking for in the ultrasound (a few: If there were 4 chambers of the heart, the length of the arms and legs, and the kidneys).

The ultrasound was surprisingly fun. I loved watching our little baby squirm around in there! The baby was moving like crazy, but it wasn't moving in the direction we needed it to go to measure the nose (another Downs indicator). Also, the baby would not spread those legs! All we could get was a profile image. The baby was not ready to tell mommy and daddy if it was a "she" or a "he". I didn't care, though, because we didn't find ONE single marker for Down Syndrome! This doesn't guarantee that the baby doesn't have downs, but it certainly brings the odds down significantly. I feel relieved. I will post pictures of the ultrasound later. S/he has the cutest little nose anyone has ever seen. I know, my mom said they all look like that, but I thought the nose was particularly cute.

So, thank you all for your prayers if you knew to be praying and I'll update more later!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tomorrow's Ultrasound

First, let me reply to all your awesome comments on my previous entry about my aches and pains! Amber, thanks for the website, I'll check that out for sure. I dread buying maternity clothes, so maybe if they're irresistably cute it will be easier. Trena, my mom said the same thing about rocking the baby to sleep while you walk around and it seems true to me. Some nights I don't feel anything at all and other nights, I feel a lot. However, I recently read that gas can be mistaken for baby movements a lot. So who knows, maybe I'm just gassy even if I don't feel like I am! Weird. Katie, I heard about those belly support things, but I didn't know how good they were, so thanks for the recommendation. I'm still pretty tiny for being 18 weeks pregnant (at least I feel tiny), so I don't know what's causing all my joint pains. I'm just afraid if I buy one of those tummy things I'd grow out of it in a couple weeks. Are they stretchy? Thanks for all the suggestions and helpful comments, girls, I love getting feedback!

Tomorrow we go for our first ultrasound and I couldn't be more excited! Jamie, at work, said that she found out the gender of her baby when she was 16 weeks along, so who knows what could happen at 18 weeks. I had one moment of doubt about finding out about the gender of the baby, but then that doubt faded fast when we worked on our baby registry. We have decided, by the way, that our theme for the baby/"nursery" will be frogs especially Kermit. Even if we find out whether it's a boy or a girl, we're still going to stick with frogs. It's been difficult finding Kermit items though, so we'll see how that goes- keep your eyes peeled and let me know what you see. Anyway, my mom's going with us to the ultrasound tomorrow since we're all so eager to see the baby.

I don't know if I already mentioned this, but Cody and I started our prenatal classes in Akron last week and we plan to go again this tuesday. We watched a video about breastfeeding, diapering, and other baby care things. At the end of the class, we used our "points" to get a free diaper genie! It's an older version of a genie, but we'll figure out how to use it. This week I hope to get a baby bathtub.

Next weekend I hope to go yard sailing (I like to spell it that way even though it's a yard SALE, I like to imagine us sailing through yards). I've always been a big fan of yard sales, but now I'm really looking forward to it with all this baby stuff I need to get. Cody didn't seem to thrilled about the idea of yard sailing, but I know my mom's pumped. We'll have fun. I think Wadsworth is having some sort of community yard sale thing going on.

So tomorrow we'll see what we can see at the ultrasound and I'll update with any news after that. Thanks again for reading and keep your eyes peeled for good baby deals!

PS- I plan on posting pictures as soon as I get some good ones.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


We get our ultrasound a little earlier than we expected! We get to go this monday. I'm excited, eager, nervous, and READY to get it done!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Aches, pains, and general complaints

My hips are killing me. My head is killing me. My back is killing me. My neck is killing me. My hips, hips, hips are killlllling me. I'm already having difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep at night and I wasn't expecting that for awhile. I'm sure Cody's been noticing my constant tossing and turning and it's really becoming a hassle. I wake up and my hips are extremely soar and I have a headache that no amount of tylenol could fix. Waking up is really something I've come to dread. I do feel the baby move around at night (only on the inside), but it isn't a joy anymore, it kind of aches.

My clothes don't fit anymore and my maternity clothes are still a bit big. I don't want to spend the money on maternity jeans (so expensive!), but I know I have to. I just wish I could live in my pajamas. Well, I basically do unless I have to work.

I told Cody that, with all this pain I'm going through, this baby better come out of my womb and say, "Thank you, mama, I'm so sorry for hurting you!" and then they can cut his/her umbilical cord off. However, my impression of a crying, apologetic baby seemed to sound like a bleeting sheep. Cody didn't appreciate my little baby voice, I thought it was perfect.

I'm mostly hungry at night time. Cody has gone to the gas station to get me food (ravioli, combos, ben & jerry's, etc.) multiple times and that's when I eat the best. For the most part, I'm not showing much unless I'm wearing a tight shirt. Not bad for 4 months.

My contacts are bugging me, so I'm going to go be lazy.


Friday, April 13, 2007


Someday I want to share these journal entries with my child when he/she gets older, so I thought I'd go ahead and answer a ton of questions that I found on some surveys. Then later I'll give a real update about the doctor's appointment.

Pregnancy Survey
About You
Name?:Alicia Curry
Pre-pregnancy weight?:125
About The Father
Name?:Cody Curry
Are you still together?:Just got married :-)
About Your Pregnancy
Is this your first pregnancy?:Yes
When did you find out you were pregnant?:Right after New Year's
Was it planned?:No way
What was your first reaction?:I cried a lot and eventually sunk into shock
Who was with you when you found out?:Jamie and Tiffany at work
Who was the first person you told?:Jamie because she looked at the pregnancy test when I couldn't.
How did your parents react?:Nervous, shocked, and then excited.
How far along are you?:Now I am 16 weeks.
What was your first symptom?:Tender/swollen... breasts. If you must know.
What is your due date?:September 23rd
Do you know the sex of the baby?:Not yet, but I think it's a girl now.
If so, what is it?:
Have you picked out names?:Yes
If so, what are they?:Girl: Cambria Mae- Lynn Curry. Boy: Conor Michael Race Curry
How much weight have you gained?:Between 6- 8 lbs.
Do you have stretch marks?:Not from the pregnancy yet
Have you felt the baby move?:I feel it flutter and bounce around inside, but I can't feel it on the outside.
Have you heard the heartbeat?:We heard it tuesday with a doppler- 154!
About the birth
Will you keep the baby?:Of course!
Home or hospital birth?:Hospital
Natural or medicated birth?:Give me that epi!
Who will be in the delivery room with you?:I hope my parents and Cody and that's it.
Will you breastfeed?:I hope to
Do you think you'll need a c-section?:I doubt it
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?:Undoubtedly
What's the first thing you might say to him/her?:"Finally! You're here!"
Would you let someone videotape the birth?:Not below the knees.
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?:


Pregnant and Waiting
Current Age:
Weight before pregnancy:
Current Weight:133
Dad's Name:
Dad's Birthdate:5/21/84
Dad's Age:23 next month
Dad's Height:
Dad's Weight before pregnancy:Not sure... but less than me.
Dad's Current Weight:Probably the same as always.
When did you find out your were pregnant:
What was your reaction:
Who did you tell first about the pregnancy:
Date of Conception:Not sure.
Due Date:
Was the pregnancy planned:
How did your parents react:
How did his parents react:His mom was surprisingly excited and his dad was too. Everyone was supportive. And worried.
Did you go to the doctor yet:I went this past tuesday.
Did you have your first ultrasound:My first ultrasound will be May 7, 2007
Do you know the sex? Boy or Girl:
How is the baby's movement:He/she moves a lot at night when I'm trying to go to sleep or relax.
How is the baby's heartbeat:It was 170 now it's down to 154
Baby's name:
Who do you think the baby will look like:I assume a mixture of Cody and I, but I wouldn't be surprised if s/he looked like it's grandparents a little too.
Mom to be's favorite foods:Bennigan's Monte Cristo, Dill pickles, lemons, and sweets!
Mom to be's latest cravings:
Mom to be's latest "mom" moment:Getting a baby easter basket for Easter from my parents
What was the first change you noticed in your body:My breasts got much bigger
What was the latest change in your body:I have a potbelly
What is your sleep schedule:I just sleep a lot, whenever, as often as possible.
What is your work schedule:I work between 10- 15 hours a week... it sucks. Not enough hours.
What is the last thing you bought for the baby:We bought dinosaur bibs. I love dinos.
What was the last thing you bought for yourself:We bought food last night at Applebee's.
Planned birth place:Akron or Medina. Not sure yet.
Who will be in the room with you:
Are you scared:
Are you going to use drugs:
How do you think you will react:I will be a bawling cry baby.
How do you think the father will react:He's going to cry too and he'll be very nervous.
Have you started birthing classes:Not yet.
What is the nursery theme:We're leaning toward frogs.
Are you going to breastfeed? in public:In public? I certainly hope not.
Take this survey Find more surveys MySpace Surveys
Bzoink - The Original Survey Site

Then I found this short one:
1. What's the one thing you would change about pregnancy? I would have timed it differently so I wouldn't be pregnant during summer! Also, I wish I could take away the exhaustion.

2. What was the most surprising symptom? How tired I got. It was frustrating.

3. What's something every pregnant woman should know? The first trimester won't last forever and it DOES get better once you're out of it.

4. What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while you're pregnant? Explaining to Veronica (my 9 year old niece) how babies are made. We turned her world upside down. She couldn't believe that I did that with Cody.

5. What is the one thing that annoyed you the most during pregnancy? So far, just the weight gain and not fitting into my favorite jeans or any of my favorite clothes anymore. You would think that knowing the source of the weight gain would make it easier, but it really doesn't. The mirror is my enemy. And of course, dealing with wedding plans.

6. What's the one thing you couldn't get enough of? Dill pickles. Lots and lots of them.

7. What is the one piece of advice every pregnant woman should have? Not all prenatal vitamins are the same- some really do make you sicker than others (or more constipated!). Also, when you feel tired, take naps, they actually do help and you'll save yourself a lot of bad moods and possibly some moodswings.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Getting eager

Today after we had my appointment at Planned Parenthood to get proof of pregnancy, I started reading a free magazine they gave me. Inside the magazine it advertised this. I had seen them in other places and I wanted one, but I decided I REALLY wanted one now. It's a Bebesounds heart listener so you can hear your baby's movements. As soon as I got in the car, I pulled it out and tried it. The car was too loud for me to hear and I had just eaten, so I didn't hear anything special. I've tried it a few other times since I got home, but all I hear is knocking and growling. I still think it's fun, but I all the reviews say you never hear the heartbeat. We'll see.

I have my first doctor's appointment next Tuesday and I'm so excited. I want to hear the heartbeat!! I know you can't tell the gender of the baby just yet (supposedly), but it would be cool to see it. I don't know if we're going to get an ultrasound, but I just want to hear that heart beating! I'm so eager to know it's OK in there.

So now I think it's a girl. All my weight is gathering really low. Also, the heartbeat was fast when the doctor's first heard it and according to the Chinese lunar calender (I'm silly, I know), according to my conception month and my age, it's a girl. I want to know if it's a Conor or a Cambria! I neeeeed to know! All the signs pointing towards girl are mostly wive's tales, but I like the idea of a girl. I just need to be patient.

I read that the baby can't hear you until about 18- 20 weeks or something, but I make Cody talk to it anyway, and sometimes when I'm alone, I sing to it. Who knows how far along I am, but it's still nice to think it hears me. I just need to stop reading so many prenatal books.

Hopefully next week Cody and I can start taking prenatal classes in Akron. Maybe that will give me some peace of mind about the birthing process. I just need to be patient... nothing is happening right now! Everything seems like it's moving in slow motion. Gaaaah.

To the baby in my tummy: Move around in there or something!