Friday, April 13, 2007


Someday I want to share these journal entries with my child when he/she gets older, so I thought I'd go ahead and answer a ton of questions that I found on some surveys. Then later I'll give a real update about the doctor's appointment.

Pregnancy Survey
About You
Name?:Alicia Curry
Pre-pregnancy weight?:125
About The Father
Name?:Cody Curry
Are you still together?:Just got married :-)
About Your Pregnancy
Is this your first pregnancy?:Yes
When did you find out you were pregnant?:Right after New Year's
Was it planned?:No way
What was your first reaction?:I cried a lot and eventually sunk into shock
Who was with you when you found out?:Jamie and Tiffany at work
Who was the first person you told?:Jamie because she looked at the pregnancy test when I couldn't.
How did your parents react?:Nervous, shocked, and then excited.
How far along are you?:Now I am 16 weeks.
What was your first symptom?:Tender/swollen... breasts. If you must know.
What is your due date?:September 23rd
Do you know the sex of the baby?:Not yet, but I think it's a girl now.
If so, what is it?:
Have you picked out names?:Yes
If so, what are they?:Girl: Cambria Mae- Lynn Curry. Boy: Conor Michael Race Curry
How much weight have you gained?:Between 6- 8 lbs.
Do you have stretch marks?:Not from the pregnancy yet
Have you felt the baby move?:I feel it flutter and bounce around inside, but I can't feel it on the outside.
Have you heard the heartbeat?:We heard it tuesday with a doppler- 154!
About the birth
Will you keep the baby?:Of course!
Home or hospital birth?:Hospital
Natural or medicated birth?:Give me that epi!
Who will be in the delivery room with you?:I hope my parents and Cody and that's it.
Will you breastfeed?:I hope to
Do you think you'll need a c-section?:I doubt it
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?:Undoubtedly
What's the first thing you might say to him/her?:"Finally! You're here!"
Would you let someone videotape the birth?:Not below the knees.
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?:


Pregnant and Waiting
Current Age:
Weight before pregnancy:
Current Weight:133
Dad's Name:
Dad's Birthdate:5/21/84
Dad's Age:23 next month
Dad's Height:
Dad's Weight before pregnancy:Not sure... but less than me.
Dad's Current Weight:Probably the same as always.
When did you find out your were pregnant:
What was your reaction:
Who did you tell first about the pregnancy:
Date of Conception:Not sure.
Due Date:
Was the pregnancy planned:
How did your parents react:
How did his parents react:His mom was surprisingly excited and his dad was too. Everyone was supportive. And worried.
Did you go to the doctor yet:I went this past tuesday.
Did you have your first ultrasound:My first ultrasound will be May 7, 2007
Do you know the sex? Boy or Girl:
How is the baby's movement:He/she moves a lot at night when I'm trying to go to sleep or relax.
How is the baby's heartbeat:It was 170 now it's down to 154
Baby's name:
Who do you think the baby will look like:I assume a mixture of Cody and I, but I wouldn't be surprised if s/he looked like it's grandparents a little too.
Mom to be's favorite foods:Bennigan's Monte Cristo, Dill pickles, lemons, and sweets!
Mom to be's latest cravings:
Mom to be's latest "mom" moment:Getting a baby easter basket for Easter from my parents
What was the first change you noticed in your body:My breasts got much bigger
What was the latest change in your body:I have a potbelly
What is your sleep schedule:I just sleep a lot, whenever, as often as possible.
What is your work schedule:I work between 10- 15 hours a week... it sucks. Not enough hours.
What is the last thing you bought for the baby:We bought dinosaur bibs. I love dinos.
What was the last thing you bought for yourself:We bought food last night at Applebee's.
Planned birth place:Akron or Medina. Not sure yet.
Who will be in the room with you:
Are you scared:
Are you going to use drugs:
How do you think you will react:I will be a bawling cry baby.
How do you think the father will react:He's going to cry too and he'll be very nervous.
Have you started birthing classes:Not yet.
What is the nursery theme:We're leaning toward frogs.
Are you going to breastfeed? in public:In public? I certainly hope not.
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Then I found this short one:
1. What's the one thing you would change about pregnancy? I would have timed it differently so I wouldn't be pregnant during summer! Also, I wish I could take away the exhaustion.

2. What was the most surprising symptom? How tired I got. It was frustrating.

3. What's something every pregnant woman should know? The first trimester won't last forever and it DOES get better once you're out of it.

4. What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while you're pregnant? Explaining to Veronica (my 9 year old niece) how babies are made. We turned her world upside down. She couldn't believe that I did that with Cody.

5. What is the one thing that annoyed you the most during pregnancy? So far, just the weight gain and not fitting into my favorite jeans or any of my favorite clothes anymore. You would think that knowing the source of the weight gain would make it easier, but it really doesn't. The mirror is my enemy. And of course, dealing with wedding plans.

6. What's the one thing you couldn't get enough of? Dill pickles. Lots and lots of them.

7. What is the one piece of advice every pregnant woman should have? Not all prenatal vitamins are the same- some really do make you sicker than others (or more constipated!). Also, when you feel tired, take naps, they actually do help and you'll save yourself a lot of bad moods and possibly some moodswings.


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