Monday, April 16, 2007

Aches, pains, and general complaints

My hips are killing me. My head is killing me. My back is killing me. My neck is killing me. My hips, hips, hips are killlllling me. I'm already having difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep at night and I wasn't expecting that for awhile. I'm sure Cody's been noticing my constant tossing and turning and it's really becoming a hassle. I wake up and my hips are extremely soar and I have a headache that no amount of tylenol could fix. Waking up is really something I've come to dread. I do feel the baby move around at night (only on the inside), but it isn't a joy anymore, it kind of aches.

My clothes don't fit anymore and my maternity clothes are still a bit big. I don't want to spend the money on maternity jeans (so expensive!), but I know I have to. I just wish I could live in my pajamas. Well, I basically do unless I have to work.

I told Cody that, with all this pain I'm going through, this baby better come out of my womb and say, "Thank you, mama, I'm so sorry for hurting you!" and then they can cut his/her umbilical cord off. However, my impression of a crying, apologetic baby seemed to sound like a bleeting sheep. Cody didn't appreciate my little baby voice, I thought it was perfect.

I'm mostly hungry at night time. Cody has gone to the gas station to get me food (ravioli, combos, ben & jerry's, etc.) multiple times and that's when I eat the best. For the most part, I'm not showing much unless I'm wearing a tight shirt. Not bad for 4 months.

My contacts are bugging me, so I'm going to go be lazy.



Anonymous said...

I heard from some women at work that if you move throughout the day, you won't feel the baby move much because your movement kind of rocks the baby to sleep. That's why when you lay down at night, the baby moves because s/he is awake. I don't know if this is true or not, but it seems to make sense. Maybe that helps...?


Amber said...

i saw the cutest thing in a pregnancy mag the other day... it looks like the bottom of a lacy tank top and holds up your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy jeans or maternity jeans that are still sorta big. I'll try to find it again for you. Also, look at for some really cute and funny maternity shirts, for you and cody!

Amber said...

found it!!!!


Katie DDot said...

I got a belly-band (similar to the one Amber mentioned, but this goes under your tummy for support and isn't meant to be shown) from the maternity store in the mall. If you have back pain you really should go in and try it. They let me try it on in the store (they come in small/medium/large) and as soon as you fasten it you should be able to feel a difference. It's AMAZING!!! I was totally skeptical about the whole thing but once the lady put it on me I paid for it and left without ever taking it back off.

I know it's a pain to get up all through the night with someone kicking you from the inside, but just think of it as practice for when he/she is here. If your sleep habits change now getting up through the night will be so much easier down the road when you're used to it.

:) Katie