Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Putting the crib together...

Out of the bubble wrap...

As you can see, I was helping a lot...

Then uh- oh, Daddy got a boo- boo!!

Phew. Don't worry, he was OK...

The show must go on...

A man reading directions!

Final touches

And ta da! Cambria has a bed!

Kicking and swelling

Sorry it's been such a long time since I've updated, everyone! I guess I just feel like nothing new is happening. But I guess, technically, there's something new happening all the time!

Cambria is a regular kicker now. My mom has felt it once and I feel her moving around every night. She likes movement and as soon as I sit down or lie down or stand still, she starts moving around and kicking. Her movements are getting stronger and stronger and it's a lot of fun to feel her.

So far I've been lucky because I haven't had to deal with excessive swelling. During the summer (in the past, when I haven't been pregnant) I tend to swell naturally. Whenever I get hot or sweaty, my feet swell up and I usually put them in cold water and they go down. I don't know how it will be this summer. I just need to remember to drink a lot of water and juices so I stay hydrated. I still have a difficult time drinking water, but I try. When I saw a nutritionist for WIC, she said drinking juices is just as good as water, so I'm not too worried now.

My appetite has increased so much that I can't believe it's me! Yesterday we had a cookout for Memorial Day and I ate so much! Even after everyone was done eating, I was still sitting there scarfing down food. It was just so delicious. I love food!

Because Blogger seems to confuse me to no end, I'm finding it hard to put pictures up. I can't get them organized in the order I want them, so I give up. I will figure something out though. Here's one for now:

Monday, May 14, 2007

First kicks!

Cody and I spent the evening with my brother and his wife, Lydia. We made hot dogs, steaks, and s'mores on the fire/grill and just hung out and watched the dogs play in the backyard. This weather make me happy. I ate a lot!

After we were done eating excessively, we decided to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on DVD. Apparently Cambria really enjoys Ninjas!... or turtles? I sat down on the couch and she immediately began moving around. I unbuttoned my jeans to give her a little more room and she quit for awhile. As I got more relaxed, she began to move more and more. The farther into the movie we got, the stronger her kicks got. She was trying to be a ninja! I put Cody's hand on my stomach where I could feel her and it wasn't long before he felt some movements! He said it felt like a muscle twitching in my stomach. It wasn't really strong for him, but it was definitely a movement. Through the whole movie, she was moving a lot. Finally, when I came home and put pajamas on and got my prenatal listener thing out, she was completely still and quiet. So I'm sure that in a week or two, everyone will have the joy of feeling Cambria kick and punch and hiccup. Until then, I'll just enjoy these movements that only I can feel.

She still seems to sit really low in my stomach. I was wondering if she would move up at all, but she has stayed on the left side of my stomach, very very low. Sometimes if there's a loud noise or I make a sudden movement, I'll feel her jump slightly. She's definitely a mover! Sunday, on our way to church, I felt a lot of pressure on my bladder and I told Cody that she must have been sitting on it and I needed to pee badly! But by the time we got to church, she must have moved because the need to pee went away. It was really strange. She seems to jump around a lot during church. It must be the Holy Spirit getting into her!

So I was going to go to bed, but I wanted to share that with you. She's moving and Cody felt it! Things are getting exciting!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weird dreams and laughing hysterically

Nothing out of the ordinary happening over here in baby land. Cody put together the crib a couple nights ago and when I get the energy, I'll post pictures that I took of the process. We put a baby doll in the crib for now so that it doesn't seem so lonely. However, that little lump under the blanket in the crib creeps me out every once in awhile.

I've been tired lately. I've been getting a lot of hours at work, which is fantastic, but I do get more tired more easily now. I'm on my feet a lot at work, so it can get painful after awhile. I get cramps in my feet, my stomach starts to feel heavy, and my bladder aches when I need to use the restroom. I am really grateful for all the hours I've been getting, though. It's nice when everyone else goes on vacations and I get all the hours because I don't ever go anywhere.

Cambria has been kicking a lot more lately. It used to be that I would only feel her at night, but now I feel her stronger and stronger during the day. The movements that I feel are always really low and to my left or right beneath my belly button. I never feel any movements anywhere else. I don't know if it's because she just hasn't moved up yet or if it's because she favors those places.

Speaking of movements. I had a dream last night that I could finally feel her kick on the outside. I was sitting with Cody's sister, Melody, (in my dream) and I told her to put her hand on my stomach and she felt it kick. We were really excited! Then Melody took her hand away and we could SEE a little fist the size of a marble underneath my skin. I reached down and grabbed the fist in between my thumb and index finger and the fist spread into a little hand that was no bigger than a thimble. Melody and I were totally shocked because we'd never heard of anything like that happening. So we just kept playing with that little hand. It was very real and very creepy. I just really want everyone else to be able to feel on the outside what I can feel on the inside. God probably does it that way so that the mother has that special time with those movements before anyone else can share them. It certainly makes me feel closer to little Cambria every time I feel her move. It won't be long until everyone else can feel it too.

Cody and I went to Old Navy a couple days ago and we found some cute clearance baby clothes. I've been buying clearance because that's the best place to find long sleeves and warm materials. Companies don't think that when mother's are shopping for their babies they are, sometimes, shopping for when they are born which is, usually, seasons away. So right now all we can find are shorts, skirts, tanks, and swimsuits. But at Old Navy we got a long sleeve onesie that has dogs all over it- including dachshunds! We got a matching sleeper with that onesie. When the guy at the register was ringing us out, he couldn't figure out why one of them cost more than the other and he said, "These are the same things." And I said, "No, one's a onesie and one's a sleeper." Then I busted out laughing at how silly I sounded. I was speaking the language of baby! I couldn't stop laughing. He said, "You can tell I don't know anything about that stuff." I hope he didn't think I was laughing at him. I think hormones can go either way, they make me laugh hysterically at stuff that is only mildly funny and they make me terribly upset about stuff that is only mildly upsetting. I wasn't expecting the laughter part.

Anyway, that's my update for now. Tomorrow will be 21 weeks! We're more than halfway through the pregnancy. I'm getting more and more eager to meet this little beauty! Oh yeah, and last night Cody and I realized that having a child means we get to celebrate a whole new set of holidays- Mother's Day and Father's Day! I got my very first Mother's Day card yesterday from my mom and it was so sweet! OK, I'm done. :-)


Monday, May 7, 2007

And the gender is.......!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

Ultrasound number 2!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the ultrasound is at 1:30PM today in Akron, so it might be awhile before I can sit down and tell everyone how it went. We hope to find out the gender of the baby today, so it's a big one!! I hope s/he opens those legs! I really, really, really think it's a girl and I would be shocked if they say it's a boy. We'll see! I'll blog as soon as I possibly can!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Now Showing...

Lately I've been buying a lot of maternity clothes because it seems like I'm growing out of my clothes daily. I've decided that I'll spend most of my pregnancy in skirts because I don't like shorts. I've been buying those elastic waist bohemian style spring skirts in the Jr. Departments of any store and they work well. They're not maternity, but they're stretchy, so it's nice.

At work today a co-worker rubbed my belly as often as she could. I don't mind the occasional pat or poke, but I don't know about excessive rubbing. Everyone thinks my belly is so cute and they all want to touch it. Some days I feel proud to display my little baby, but other days I just feel fat. Everyone keeps saying, "You're not fat, you're pregnant", but if you've never been pregnant then you don't really know how it feels to gain all that weight. I know everyone means well, but they just need to let me complain sometimes.

May 7th is our next ultrasound and I'm hoping this little baby will open those legs! I'm still feeling constantly hungry and pretty tired. By 20 weeks (this upcoming Sunday) the baby should have developed his/her hearing completely and it will finally hear us talk to it! We already talk to it a lot (Cody and I), but now it's actually going to hear us!

Anyway, that's all the developments.

Side notes:
Katie Z- Heather and Brittany need your address for the baby shower! I'm trying to catch you on all of these sites, so you'll probably see it a few times :-)

No, I haven't tried Propel yet because I wasn't sure if it was safe to drink, as silly as that sounds. I don't want any of my nutrients to be taken out of my water intake because of sugars or anything.

That's all!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

message to baby

Dear baby,
Whoever you already are, whoever God has made you into, whoever you are going to be, and whoever you may become... I love you. I love you and I hope you always know that and I hope I never let you forget it.

God is one lucky guy- He already knows you!

Love Always,
Your Mommy