Wednesday, May 2, 2007

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Lately I've been buying a lot of maternity clothes because it seems like I'm growing out of my clothes daily. I've decided that I'll spend most of my pregnancy in skirts because I don't like shorts. I've been buying those elastic waist bohemian style spring skirts in the Jr. Departments of any store and they work well. They're not maternity, but they're stretchy, so it's nice.

At work today a co-worker rubbed my belly as often as she could. I don't mind the occasional pat or poke, but I don't know about excessive rubbing. Everyone thinks my belly is so cute and they all want to touch it. Some days I feel proud to display my little baby, but other days I just feel fat. Everyone keeps saying, "You're not fat, you're pregnant", but if you've never been pregnant then you don't really know how it feels to gain all that weight. I know everyone means well, but they just need to let me complain sometimes.

May 7th is our next ultrasound and I'm hoping this little baby will open those legs! I'm still feeling constantly hungry and pretty tired. By 20 weeks (this upcoming Sunday) the baby should have developed his/her hearing completely and it will finally hear us talk to it! We already talk to it a lot (Cody and I), but now it's actually going to hear us!

Anyway, that's all the developments.

Side notes:
Katie Z- Heather and Brittany need your address for the baby shower! I'm trying to catch you on all of these sites, so you'll probably see it a few times :-)

No, I haven't tried Propel yet because I wasn't sure if it was safe to drink, as silly as that sounds. I don't want any of my nutrients to be taken out of my water intake because of sugars or anything.

That's all!

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Katie DDot said...

i've been looking at all the new fashion styles for spring and summer and they all look like maternity clothes to me! it's the best time to be pregnant because you're totally in style!!

i e-mailed you my address :)