Monday, January 14, 2008

Sleeping troubles continue

These first three months have flown by. Cambria has become an amazing little person. She is one of the funniest people I have ever met! Today she had her first six ounce bottle and ate the whole thing. That alone shows me that she is becoming such a big girl!

Sleeping is still a huge issue for us. No matter what we do, she won't go in her crib. I have tried my absolute best and I am out of ideas. She will sleep on the couch, in her carseat, in the playpen, and anywhere else you can imagine except the crib! I am going to try to get her on a schedule, but that's very difficult when I, myself, don't have a set schedule. I have never been a "schedule" type person, but I will try for her. I haven't slept next to my husband in far too long!

One sleeping trick we have discovered, though, is that she will sleep splendidly next to Xander. She likes the comfort of another body next to her and Xander sleeping next to her solves a lot of problems. We know that they won't roll onto each other and they sleep longer than ever. However, they don't sleep together, so we can't always do that.

Wednesday she has her doctor's appointment and she will be getting her immunizations. I am not looking forward to the screaming and fussiness. She is a very sensitive baby so I imagine she won't enjoy these shots. Next month she has a cardiology appointment for them to make sure the hole in her heart is closing.

She is playing quietly in her playpen right now, so I should probably go enjoy that!