Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kicking and swelling

Sorry it's been such a long time since I've updated, everyone! I guess I just feel like nothing new is happening. But I guess, technically, there's something new happening all the time!

Cambria is a regular kicker now. My mom has felt it once and I feel her moving around every night. She likes movement and as soon as I sit down or lie down or stand still, she starts moving around and kicking. Her movements are getting stronger and stronger and it's a lot of fun to feel her.

So far I've been lucky because I haven't had to deal with excessive swelling. During the summer (in the past, when I haven't been pregnant) I tend to swell naturally. Whenever I get hot or sweaty, my feet swell up and I usually put them in cold water and they go down. I don't know how it will be this summer. I just need to remember to drink a lot of water and juices so I stay hydrated. I still have a difficult time drinking water, but I try. When I saw a nutritionist for WIC, she said drinking juices is just as good as water, so I'm not too worried now.

My appetite has increased so much that I can't believe it's me! Yesterday we had a cookout for Memorial Day and I ate so much! Even after everyone was done eating, I was still sitting there scarfing down food. It was just so delicious. I love food!

Because Blogger seems to confuse me to no end, I'm finding it hard to put pictures up. I can't get them organized in the order I want them, so I give up. I will figure something out though. Here's one for now:

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