Monday, April 2, 2007

Getting eager

Today after we had my appointment at Planned Parenthood to get proof of pregnancy, I started reading a free magazine they gave me. Inside the magazine it advertised this. I had seen them in other places and I wanted one, but I decided I REALLY wanted one now. It's a Bebesounds heart listener so you can hear your baby's movements. As soon as I got in the car, I pulled it out and tried it. The car was too loud for me to hear and I had just eaten, so I didn't hear anything special. I've tried it a few other times since I got home, but all I hear is knocking and growling. I still think it's fun, but I all the reviews say you never hear the heartbeat. We'll see.

I have my first doctor's appointment next Tuesday and I'm so excited. I want to hear the heartbeat!! I know you can't tell the gender of the baby just yet (supposedly), but it would be cool to see it. I don't know if we're going to get an ultrasound, but I just want to hear that heart beating! I'm so eager to know it's OK in there.

So now I think it's a girl. All my weight is gathering really low. Also, the heartbeat was fast when the doctor's first heard it and according to the Chinese lunar calender (I'm silly, I know), according to my conception month and my age, it's a girl. I want to know if it's a Conor or a Cambria! I neeeeed to know! All the signs pointing towards girl are mostly wive's tales, but I like the idea of a girl. I just need to be patient.

I read that the baby can't hear you until about 18- 20 weeks or something, but I make Cody talk to it anyway, and sometimes when I'm alone, I sing to it. Who knows how far along I am, but it's still nice to think it hears me. I just need to stop reading so many prenatal books.

Hopefully next week Cody and I can start taking prenatal classes in Akron. Maybe that will give me some peace of mind about the birthing process. I just need to be patient... nothing is happening right now! Everything seems like it's moving in slow motion. Gaaaah.

To the baby in my tummy: Move around in there or something!


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