Friday, April 27, 2007

Appetite surge!

I was not expecting the starvation that comes with being pregnant. I feel like I am constantly hungry and constantly eating! While I'm making food, I'm already searching through the cupboards to decide what I'm going to eat after I'm done eating. Also, while I'm making food, I have to find something to eat while the food it microwaving, boiling, or baking. I barely remember what it feels like to be full because I think I could eat forever and never achieve such a blissful state.

Wednesday I made Cody take me to Burger King on my way to work and I couldn't decide between a croissan'wich (sp?) or ciniminis, so I said to heck with it, get both. I happily had both eaten in under 20 minutes and I was ready for something else. At work today, I ate nearly half a box of White Cheddar Cheez- Its completely by myself. I've become one of those eaters who closes her eyes in ecstasy as soon as the food hits her tongue. Eating has become almost intimate as I focus intently and enjoy every bite as though it was the first (or last) real meal I ever had. Yesterday, Cody and I made steak, mashed potatoes, and baked beans for dinner. I ate all of my dinner then finished what Cody couldn't eat. I try to keep my moans to a minimum during eating, but while Cody is saying, "this is too cold" or "this needs more salt", I'm saying, "this is so delicious" and "this is perfect." Simply because everything tastes amazing.

When the girls at work bring their lunches in from Arby's or Wendy's or Subway, I drool over it saying, "How is it? That looks good." Jamie, my pregnant boss, and I talk (literally) for hours about what we ate for dinner the night before and what we're planning on eating on our break and when we get off of work. If I'm not eating, I'm talking about eating or thinking about eating. I'm surprised I haven't eaten the dog food yet.

Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to be over the morning sickness and the food aversions, but I didn't expect such a polar opposite! Everything tastes good and I eat so much of it. I was afraid I wasn't going to gain enough weight, but now I'm not worried at all. It can be a little frustrating being hungry all the time. I used to leave my money at home so I wouldn't buy clothes while I was out, but now I have to leave it at home so I won't buy food!

I've also started to drink my required eight glasses of water a day. This has proven to be very difficult since I hate water so much. I make games out of drinking water. For example, if we're in the car, I'll tell myself that every red car I see I have to take a big gulp from my huge water bottle. If I'm at work, every shirt I fold, every customer I ring out, and every time I go to the bathroom, I have to take big gulps. If I'm watching TV, every commercial I have to take a big gulp. It works for the most part, but the constant peeing is getting annoying. The last two days I have drank 70 oz. of water (each day) throughout the day. Today, I failed, I have yet to drink all my 70 oz. and it's already 10:45 PM. I feel like a water bed.

So I just ate a little pizza and I think I'm going to go to my brother's house and eat some Cocoa Pebbles and then eat some Strawberry Milkshake Oreos. By the way, they have a limited time Strawberry Milkshake Oreos thing goin' on that I highly suggest you all try before it's too late! Keebler's also has these cheesecake dunking cookies that are amazing, rich, but good. See, I told you, food is my new obsession. So on that note, I'm going to go eat more!


Katie DDot said...

haha, this entry made me laugh! good for you getting all the water in your system- baby needs it! i'd like to tell you the constant need to pee will get better, and it will, but not until you get that baby off your bladder permanently which might be a while. on the plus side you can use your pregnant-and-always-have-to-pee condition as an excuse to get yourself out of undesireable situations (like an awkward conversation you just want to get away from!).

do you have any pictures of your growing belly??

Dana said...

have you tried propel fitness water? they make different flavers that sometimes taste like juice. they also make it with calcium since you dont like milk. i may have or not told you this already, i dont remember. but its good, and full of nurtients.

Katie DDot said...

propel is heaven in a bottle !