Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No need to be scared...

I'll do a quick update because I know a lot of people are eager to hear how things went with the ultrasound! Many of you didn't know that I had a blood screening test done for and it came back positive for Down Syndrome. After days and days of stressing, praying, and worrying, I finally got to meet with a genetic counselor and have my ultrasound done to look for, what they call "markers" to determine the odds of the baby actually having Down Syndrome. When we met with the counselor, she said I had a 1:261 chance and if it had been 1:270, it wouldn't have even been a positive test we were so close to the cut-off. She explained what they were looking for in the ultrasound (a few: If there were 4 chambers of the heart, the length of the arms and legs, and the kidneys).

The ultrasound was surprisingly fun. I loved watching our little baby squirm around in there! The baby was moving like crazy, but it wasn't moving in the direction we needed it to go to measure the nose (another Downs indicator). Also, the baby would not spread those legs! All we could get was a profile image. The baby was not ready to tell mommy and daddy if it was a "she" or a "he". I didn't care, though, because we didn't find ONE single marker for Down Syndrome! This doesn't guarantee that the baby doesn't have downs, but it certainly brings the odds down significantly. I feel relieved. I will post pictures of the ultrasound later. S/he has the cutest little nose anyone has ever seen. I know, my mom said they all look like that, but I thought the nose was particularly cute.

So, thank you all for your prayers if you knew to be praying and I'll update more later!

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Katie DDot said...

Thanks for the update!! Glad to hear it went well Can't wait to see Baby Curry's first photos!!