Friday, October 26, 2007


After the first bottle, she slept for quite awhile and I finally woke her and tried to give her the breast. To my surprise the pain was less and she ate just fine. I breastfed her again once after that and then gave her a bottle. I would say that, with our medicines, by tomorrow night we should be back to breastfeeding as often as time permits. I do think, however, that I'm going to supplement the occassional bottle if I need to be out of the house or something.

The pacifier worked like a charm and we are using it again tonight to see if we can get some sleep. Tomorrow morning we have to be up early for a doctor's appointment and any amount of sleep would be helpful.

As long as breastfeeding continues to get better (instead of worse) I will continue feeding on demand and only using a bottle (with breastmilk, not formula) when I absolutely have to.


Amber said...

A bottle- ESPECIALLY one with breastmilk- when you are away and unable to breastfeed- is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. i'm glad it seems to be getting better! Maybe now it can be that great bonding experience!!

Anonymous said...

You are not a bad mommy! You're doing everything you can for Cambria, just because it might not be what someone else does doesn't make it bad. Parenting theories have a way of making us new moms feel like we've got it all wrong and we're breaking the rules, but there are no rules! The best thing to do is follow your instinct and do what's best for YOU, and if that means having the baby sleep with you then you shouldn't feel guilty about it.
Are you guys living in Canton?