Friday, September 28, 2007

Every minute feels like an hour

I hope that womb's not too warm
Cause it's cold out here
And it'll be quite a shock
To breathe this air
To discover loss
So I'd like to make some changes
Before you arrive
So when your new eyes meet mine
They won't see no lies
Just love.
Just love.
-Bright Eyes

Nothing new here. I forced myself to clean up a little around the house, but all that bending made me very nauseous and my sore ribs felt like they were going to break. I still need to clean my bedroom and change the crib sheets and take out the bumper pads. I also need to put the reinforcements in the car seat. I just remembered today, too, that I still need a baby gate! I don't really need it in order to prevent Cambria from going up the stairs or anything, but to keep the other dogs from coming down and to keep Kemah from going up when I can't keep an eye on her. Unfortunately there is an extra dog in the house right now and poor Kemah has to hang out in her cage for the weekend because she can't get along with her. If I watched them they'd be OK, but I have better things to do with my time (like watch Bringing Home Baby) than babysit dogs.

I need to go to the library and do some laundry. I have a lot of new music to listen to, so I'm hoping that motivates me. Once I start cleaning up down here again I can let Kemah out of her cage and shut the door. If only I had a gate! I guess once my dad comes home he can monitor the dogs if he's not busy. Really I feel like the whole world is out to frustrate me lately.

Well, I need to go to the library and get moving. As of now (despite my pleas with the doctors) Wednesday is still going to be our induction date. I would like to mention here, politely, though, that we would prefer not to have a lot of visitors at the hospital. I know I told a few people that they were welcome at the hospital, but in order to avoid hurt feelings I'm just going to extend the invitation to immediate family (grandparents of Cambria). Also, even though we are very thrilled that everyone is so eager and excited to meet our little creation, we're going to ask that you do not stop over to the house unannounced within that first week. We promise that everyone will get to meet her and hold her and love on her, but Cody and I would like to have the opportunity to get to know her first. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and kind during this pregnancy and we honestly can't wait to show her off!

We love you all and we love that you are just as excited as we are to meet Cambria!


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