Friday, August 24, 2007

GBS Test

My last entry was a bit dramatic, so hopefully I can give you a breath of fresh air and tell you that I'm doing better. I had just worked three days in a row and it wasn't fun and it took its toll on me. My mom pointed out, however, that it won't be long until I'll be on maternity leave and I'll be spending every minute of everyday with my little girl for quite a few weeks. I actually haven't been working very much at all, but working in customer service can some times make it seem like you're never going to escape people.

This morning we had a doctor's appointment at 8:15 AM. They told us that we'd be in and out very quickly, but it really wasn't as quick as I had been hoping for. I was being tested for GBS (Group B Strep), which is a standard screening. First, they took my weight (ugh). I stepped on the scale and she switched the lever over to the 100 dash. She moved the smaller lever all the way to the end and it didn't level out. My eyes went huge when I saw her move it from 100 to 150. My current weight is 151! I have weighed about 125 since high school and it was very shocking to see that number.

After taking my weight and getting ready for my pelvic exam, a student doctor came in to take Cambria's heart rate. From the moment she walked in the door I could tell she was extremely nervous. She explained that she was a student and she'd be taking the heart rate and she asked me a few standard questions about contractions, discharge, and fetal movements. She took the measuring tape out to take a measurement of my stomach and she struggled with finding the top of my uterus by my ribs. I could tell the longer it took her to find the top of the uterus, the more nervous she got. I wanted to reassure her, but I didn't want to make her feel small. She saw the scar on my bellybutton from my navel ring and she asked what it was from. I explained and told her that I hated it and chuckled and she said, "Well. . . we all have. . . things. . . we don't. . . like." She gave this expression as if to say "Why did I say that? Ugh!" Finally, she went to take the heart rate. She searched and searched for the heartbeat and she couldn't find it. She apologized saying "I'm a student... I'm sorry." I felt so bad for her! She finally said, "I think it's 130" and the doctor had to come in and verify it. I wanted to tell the student not to beat herself up, but I just took the silent polite approach instead.

Anyway, the GBS screening had a little painful surprise at the end that I was not prepared for. I won't go into details, but when you have your feet in stirrups and there's a doctor down there with two very long q- tips, she's probably not going to use just one of those q- tips. Oh man, oh man. I survived.

Thanks for all the support, everyone, and for all the prayers and love. Getting prepared for Cambria would not have been possible without all your encouragement and, of course, your gifts. We are forever grateful for every thing you've all done.


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Katie D-Dot said...

25 pounds sounds like you're body is adjusting perfectly to suit little Cambria! You're doing great, hang in there!! :)