Tuesday, August 28, 2007

4 weeks to go

Things are going as they should be. Sleeping is getting increasingly difficult, but I manage anyway :-) My belly sits in my lap now and it's a very strange feeling. Poor Kemah has less and less space on my legs for cuddles. She's been very needy lately, though, so she gets as close to me as she can. I think she can sense that a change is coming.

Cody and I are getting so eager to meet Cambria, we talk about her all the time. We talk about what color her hair will be (if she has hair!), when she'll start eating soggy french fries, what her first word will be, and even the kind of boys she's going to like when she's a teenager! We've both decided that we will probably never sleep peacefully again for the rest of our lives. When she's a baby, we'll be worried about how she's laying or if she needs anything. Then when she's a toddler we'll be worried about her sleeping in her own room in her own bed and if she's doing all right. Then she'll be a teenager and we'll be lying awake worried sick about who she's with, what she's doing, and if she'll want anything to do with us. Then even when she's an adult, she won't be in our house anymore and we'll be constantly wondering if she's doing OK.

Cody said that watching her grow up is going to be like watching life in fast- forward. He said it will be like watching that bar on TV when you're fast- forwarding and you can see it going really fast and you can't even digest what's happening. Then I pointed out that having another kid someday will be like having two TV's on at the same time trying to watch both of them intently. She's not even here yet and we're already sad about how fast she's going to grow up! I reassured him, though, that we will love every minute of watching her grow up and we'll look forward to every little development she goes through. We're just so anxious to get this started!

I've been packing my bag(s) for the hospital. If there's anything that I should know about taking, let me know! I've got the basics: my clothes and underwear, a change of clothes for Cody, flip flops for the shower, Cambria's things, slippers, etc. They're going to think I'm moving in when I show up. I just want to be prepared. Not to mention packing my bag makes me feel like I'm satisfying an urge or a craving, so it's getting pretty full. Every time I toss something into the bag, I feel less stressed and more prepared.

Cody is going to be the best daddy in the world and I know this because he has been the best husband I could ever ask for. I genuinely feel like there is nothing he wouldn't do for me... even before I got pregnant. He likes to look at little baby clothes and he even gave me a pedicure since I couldn't reach my feet! What a guy!

Our next appointment is this thursday. I'll let you know if there's any dilating or anything going on. I'm sure there won't be, but I'll let you know anyway :-)


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Katie D-Dot said...

not that your hospital bag needs to get any fuller, but here are a few suggestions from my experience!

I took my robe with me to the hospital. That way while I spent hours pacing around the maternity ward I was comfy in my own clothes- not a paper thin gown, and warm since hospitals are known for being freezing. It's also a great way to hide anything on your clothes (baby poop, leaky boobs, blood).

Most labor rooms have a cd player so you can bring music to listen to.

If you have a favorite pillow it might be worth taking along, you'll be spending lots of time in bed!

Glad to hear you're all doing well :) It's almost time to meet her !! :)