Friday, August 31, 2007

Almost full- term

Well, she's not an August baby :-) Unless she decides to come tonight, which would actually not be good. I didn't get a pelvic exam at my last visit because at 36 weeks you are still, technically, considered pre-term. She said after 37 weeks she starts checking for dilation and all that fun stuff because at that point, you're full- term. So next Friday morning is my next appointment and by that time we'll be close to 38 weeks. (For those of you who don't know- there are 40 weeks in a full- term pregnancy).

I am still extremely irritated by people's rude comments, but I'm trying to remind myself everyday that sooner than later, I'll be back to my normal size and nobody will even know that I was ever pregnant. People will start talking to me and treating me like a normal human being again. Some times I think being normal will be a good thing, but then I also wonder if it isn't going to take a little adjusting since some people are actually a lot nicer to pregnant women than other people. Either way, I'll be so thrilled to put on some jeans that have buttons and belt loops. Not to mention the weather's going to be getting cooler so I can wear cute jackets and hats. Today I looked in the mirror and I just felt really tired of seeing this huge tummy.

Braxton Hicks (false contractions) have become a bit of an irritation for me. I usually get them if I'm on my feet for more than an hour at a time. I took a shower and did my hair and as I was finishing up by putting my make- up on I was bending over in pain because they were getting intense. As soon as I sit down and take a deep breath, they go away. This makes work a little difficult as I'm obviously on my feet for hours at a time. My managers and co- workers are really great about letting me sit as much as I want though.

All in all, we are ready for baby Curry. I need to change the sheets on her crib before she sleeps in it and I should probably wash the car seat since it was used, but these are things that don't worry me. At least we have a car seat and a crib (among other really nice things). My hospital bag is almost all packed, but there are still a few small things I need to toss in there. Thanks for the tips, Katie!

Cody seems to think that Cambria is already a daddy's girl because every night when we lay down to go to sleep if he puts his hand on my belly, she dances around maniacally. He says it's all a part of a master plan to use our children to drive me insane ("let's jump on mommy!"). As I'm groaning because she's kicking me in the ribs, he's chuckling and encouraging her. I laugh at the two of them. I can let him think he has some power now because we all know who makes the rules in the end (mwahaha). She really does do some pretty elaborate moves at night, it's so fascinating. I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that the same little feet that are kicking me in there are going to be the same little feet that will be kicking me out here. It's almost like I think, sometimes, that you go through pregnancy, go to the hospital, push a little, and they give you a baby. But the most amazing part is... they don't give you a baby... they just hand you this little creature that you've been carrying for nine months! She already has hair (if she has any), fingernails, eyelashes, and she's already got a personality! She's already who she is and I haven't even met her yet.

At church on Sunday Harry preached about how God knew Jeremiah in the womb and He called Jeremiah to be a prophet despite knowing all of the his flaws even before he entered the world! God knew every move Jeremiah would ever make before Jeremiah ever even knew himself. It's amazing when you think about it that God knew you so well before you were born, but it's even more amazing to think, as a mother, that God already knows your little baby before she even makes an appearance. I'm glad He's watching over her while I feel like I can't.

I've been eager to meet Cambria, but I try to remind myself that she really needs this last month to completely develop her lungs and her heart. I wouldn't want her to rush on my behalf :-) We love her so much already we just get a little selfish sometimes and want her to come out and play.

Either way, my money's on her having an October birthday. We'll see.


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