Sunday, July 8, 2007


Two nights ago, I struggled through some panic and went between sleeping and waking, hopeful that I would feel Cambria kick. I hadn't felt her kick all day and I was waiting patiently to feel anything. I didn't feel her on the inside or the outside and I was trying every thing I knew to do to make her move. I danced around singing and then laid very still. I ate food, drank water, sang to her, read to her, and I didn't feel anything. I was so nervous. Cody put his hands on my tummy and tried to feel her kicking and he couldn't feel anything either. He offered to take me to the ER, but I didn't want to be paranoid. So I tried to fall asleep and I was just hoping to feel something through the night. I woke up the next morning defeated. I hadn't felt anything and she hadn't woken me up like usual to go to the bathroom. So I called my doctor. Of course, my doctor wasn't in that day, so I talked to a nurse. She set up an appointment right away and told me to drink a glass of orange juice on the way to the hospital. My mom, Cody, and I piled into the car and I guzzled down some OJ.

They hooked me up to a "tracing" machine. As soon as they put the doppler on my stomach and I heard that little heartbeat, I was flooded with relief. The nurse explained that as long as Cambria's heartrate was going up as she was moving (just as mine would if I were moving), she was getting enough nutrients and oxygen. After tracking it for awhile, they said everything was reassuring and sent me home.

They told me to keep a count of her kicks within one hour after I eat. The first hour, I felt her kick 12 times and I was surprised. However, they weren't very strong. That night (last night) Cody and I laid down for the hour together and sure enough, she kicked 45 times!!! She kicked so hard that we could see my stomach jumping. If you want to see it, go here:

Now I'm so tired and hungry I've got to run. I will update with more later.

PS- let me know if anyone needs a shower invitation!

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I love that video!!