Sunday, July 1, 2007

Medicaid, weight- gain, and Runny Babbit!

Thank God- I was approved for medicaid! This is such a huge relief. I didn't have any medical insurance and I was worried about being denied at my doctor's office because my bills were piling up too high. Now I have coverage! Now I need to contact my hospital and ask them if they can send some of my bills to Medicaid.

Otherwise, nothing too new is happening. The third trimester hasn't treated me too badly so far. I've been really tired again, but it's still not as bad as it was in the first trimester. I'm also growing more quickly than I knew was possible. Cody will be back from Texas on Tuesday and he's going to be shocked at how big I've become! All the sweet customers at work are always telling me I'm the cutest pregnant girl they've ever seen. I must have had 10 women tell me I was "adorable" yesterday. Other ladies just look at me and instantly smile big. It's nice to know I can bring some joy to people just by looking at me. One woman said "I know you probably don't feel like it, but you look so cute!" I told her I didn't feel too bad, I've had an easy pregnancy and I have nothing to complain about.

Yesterday at work, I was standing and talking to one of my co- workers and I pointed out a dress that I like. I said I was thinking about buying it for my baby shower if it would fit. She said, "Yeah, but that's Missy size." I said "So?" She looked at me with her eyebrows raised, "Don't you wear plus?" Shocked and kind of hurt, I muttered, "No." I explained that I could wear an extra- large right now in Juniors sizes if I really wanted to. With her jaw dropping she looked me over and said, "Really?!" I said, "Yeah. I used to be pretty small before I got pregnant." Again, with shock written all over her face, she said "Really?!" The conversation ended there. Later I tried the dress on in Missy size in a size 8 and it fit rather nicely. I don't know why she thought I would wear plus sizes. I couldn't even fit into a 14/16 if I wanted to. I was shocked that she was so blunt... and so wrong. Being pregnant just makes people think that they have the right to comment on your weight anytime they want. Mostly I get good comments, but that one was pretty bad. Whenever someone says "You're getting so big!" I always say, "No, I'm not, Cambria is. And that's good... she needs to grow." I'm trying to approach this weight- gain positively despite what anyone may say.

Two nights ago, I attempted to read "Runny Babbit" by Shel Silverstein to Cambria. However, the book was so amusing to me that I had to apologize halfway through the book and put it down- I was laughing too hard! I don't know why I thought it was so funny, but it's just hysterical! I love that little Runny! It's a book full of spoonerisms and it's just so entertaining to read. So I read a "goodnight" book to her, sang her a song, and we drifted off to sleep together. I suppose I don't know if she was asleep, but I was, so that's all that matters right now :-p

On that same night that I read "Runny Babbit", I was talking to Cambria and I said, "OK, Kemah... crap! I knew I was going to do that! You're name is CAMBRIA. The dog's name is Kemah! Sorry, Cambria!" It's already starting.

Well, my dinner's ready... so I'll update again later.

And YES, the shower is officially on July 14th now.

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Katie DDot said...

You really are an adorable pregnant lady! And you look like you're gaining all belly - growing right where you need to! It's tough to gain so much weight so fast and still have a good self image. Try to embrace your new body (easier said than done- I know!) and have fun with it- I used to threaten people that I'd sit on them if they made me mad. They thought I was joking until one day I did sit on Jared and he couldn't get up!

Don't worry too much about losing your preggy weight. If you breastfeed you burn a few hundred calories a day just by feeding your baby - easy workout! You'll spend lots of time picking up, holding, and walking little Cambria and all that activity will add up. Throw in a sensible diet and you're all set! :)