Monday, June 25, 2007

Third Trimester

Well, here goes nothing! We're in the third trimester now and it's all uphill from here. I've been nervous about the third trimester, but I am getting so eager to meet Cambria! She's so active and I love her so much I can't wait to see those little legs pumping right in front of my eyes. She is definitely worth it all.

Recently I've been dealing with Sciatica which means my uterus is putting pressure on a nerve in my back that is located directly above my right leg/right butt cheek. Sometimes it becomes such a sharp pinch that I can't walk and it takes my breath away. I've found that taking two tylenol and sitting in a hot bath for 30 minutes usually un- pinches for the better part of the day. However, by the time evening falls, it's pinched again. Somedays it can be really bad and it brings tears to my eyes. In the morning when I roll over from my left side to my right side my eyes shoot open in shock as the nerve pinches abruptly. Lying on my right side is nearly impossible now. It can really put me in a bad mood some mornings.

Cambria seems to have developed a sleep schedule for now. She's usually pretty still all day and then in the evening (around 8- 9 pm) she starts moving around. Cody and I will lie down between 10 and midnight and we will read Dr. Seuss to her and I will hum a hymn to her and by the time I drift off to sleep, she's still. My dad wakes up around 5- 5:30 AM and walks the dogs. For the last week, she's been waking me up right around that time as my dad is walking out the door with the dogs. It's either a coincidence or something she's learned, but she wakes me up by kicking me in the bladder and I absolutely have to get up and rush to the bathroom. I've become so good at walking up the stairs in my sleep that I basically don't even open my eyes and sometimes I can't remember it when I wake up later. I told my dad that she must really want to spend time with him because she wakes up with him. After I lay down, she kicks around for awhile, but I feel so relieved from emptying my bladder that I barely notice it as I fall back asleep. The only frustrating thing is if that nerve is pinched at that hour, I can't really do much but limp to the bathroom. I should just sleep on the toilet.

I'm sure many of you don't care to know this, but the constipation has eased up a lot. I've been taking vitamins with a built- in stool softener and it has helped so very much. I will never buy prenatal vitamins at Wal*Mart again! I still don't go as often as I used to, but when I do get the excitement of going (yes, it's exciting) it doesn't hurt. Thank God!

Heartburn is worse and so are my emotions. I read that you're supposed to be less emotional in the third trimester, but I feel more emotional than ever. On the way to work today I was listening to a song on the radio and I teared up. Sometimes when I look at the crib I get tears in my eyes. But I don't really feel sad, just... so much emotion that it comes out in tears. I was talking about raising her properly at dinner and I felt like I was going to cry. Nothing emotional was even being said. I haven't really been weepy during this pregnancy, so it's weird to me now. Maybe it's just the heat and the exhaustion getting to me. I am tired again. The first trimester was exhausting and I'm starting to feel that again now.

Anyway... tomorrow is another day of parenting classes. I think I'm the furthest along in my class. I'm tired! I'm going to eat something salty. Mmmmmm.
PS- I don't know when the baby shower is anymore because dates for things have changed. Nothing is for sure anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Preggy Pops? they really worked for my heartburn.

I got carpal tunnel really bad in my right hand when I was pregnant with Noah and my ring finger was numb for like the last month of my pregnancy.. it was weird, and kinda annoying lol