Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big kicker! Maternity clothes and buying stuff!

Tonight Cambria kicked so hard that I saw my stomach jump! I've felt her a lot and I've felt her kick against my hand, but I've never seen anything like that in my life! A specific spot on the right side of my stomach popped out really quick. Almost like she threw an elbow or pushed her foot out. She's been really active this evening. Actually, she's been so active lately that if she's still for more than 20- 30 minutes at a time, I start to worry!

Cody noticed that my maternity pants were ripping today. I've been wearing Old Navy low rise maternity jeans because I find them the most comfortable, but because they're low rise, I have to keep tugging on them to keep them up. So in the process of obliviously yanking on them all day I managed to rip a hole in the cotton band. So I sewed the little hole and had my mom pick me up one of those bella band things to keep my pants up! I seriously wear those pants everyday, they're my favorites.

Today we got a used carseat for $25! We bought it from a lady here in Rittman who'd had triplets and was ready to get rid of two of the carseats. They were black Eddie Bauer carseats and they were in almost perfect condition because her babies were "homebound" for 7 months. So Ryan and Lydia bought one and Cody and I bought the other one. Everyone says I need to stop buying stuff, but I don't care, it makes me feel better.

Speaking of buying stuff, my mom and I are going to community yard sales in Sterling tomorrow and my only real goal is to maybe find some more Dr. Seuss books. A stroller would be nice, but I'm not really worried about it with the shower coming up next month. Since we read to Cambria every night now, we're needing to expand our library. We will continue to definitely read the same books over and over, though, so that she becomes familiar with it and it will be comforting to her in this cold, cold world.

I just got on here to say that she kicked hard today and it turned into a few paragraphs! I just really don't want to forget anything in this blog so that Cambria can read it someday and know what an awesome experience it's been becoming her mommy! Not to mention I love sharing all of this with all of you!

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