Thursday, July 12, 2007


I can't even begin to tell you how fascinating everything is. She has become extremely active and it doesn't seem to matter if I'm laying down, standing up, or taking a shower. She is still most active while we are settling in for bed, but her movements are limited to the evening anymore. Some times she makes such a strong movement that my eyes go big and I look down at my stomach almost expecting to see a footprint or a handprint pressed against my stomach. Yesterday while Cody and I were sitting and waiting for our pizza to finish cooking, she kicked me in the ribs. I've never felt her kick in the ribs and I pray to God that I never feel that again. It was so forceful and sharp, it took my breath away.

In the beginning, when she first started moving, I had to push into my stomach with my fingers to feel any kind of movement. Now, however, I can just rest my hand on it and I can feel everything. Also, recently, I've felt her in two different places at once, which I never had before. The only explanation is that she is stretching and I am feeling her head on my left side and her feet on my right side. I can feel two little nubs on the right side and one little nub on the left, so I can usually guess how she's laying. I can't put into words the feeling I get when I feel her moving around. My mind is finally starting to grasp the fact that she is real and she is already the person God intended for her to be. Every once in awhile I don't enjoy the kicking because it feels so awkward, but for the most part, it makes me smile and I want to let other people feel it, too.

Cody still reads to her every night. We got a library card and we got some more Dr. Seuss and some Shel Silverstein. She seems to move the most when Cody's reading to her. He can hold the book in one hand and put his other hand on my stomach and it really feels like she's dancing around in joy at the sound of her daddy's voice. She either really loves being read to or she's fighting us to shut up. But we've decided that she must be dancing and she loves it.

Today at work I had to take a lot of breaks because I've been getting some really bad back pains. I don't want to take tylenol unless I really need to, so I just put up with the pain. I get this sharp pain that seems to shoot through my front into my back, it starts in my rib cage on the right side and sticks through to my back. Unfortunately, it isn't a sharp shot, it's a sharp pain that lasts for awhile and I try to rub it out with my thumb. Also, I get out of breath very easily. I could be standing behind the counter at work doing nothing or I could be lying down to relax and I feel so out of breath that I think I just ran a mile. I read in one of my books that this is a normal symptom of pregnancy along with a pounding heart that I also get. Some times I don't know how I'm going to make it through until September.

So Saturday is my baby shower. My last baby shower in Canton was so much fun and I really appreciate all the awesome gifts I got. I was surprised how many people stuck to my registry. I'm hoping that people have stuck to my registry this time and I can get a few things I need. I know people love buying baby clothes, but I'm afraid that's all I will get. I don't know if I should check my registry or just let myself be surprised. I have a lot of house cleaning to do before saturday, so tomorrow should be spent doing that. Friday morning I have a doctor's appointment.

If you didn't check out the video in my last entry, I really urge you to do it! A lot of people have watched it over and over and I just think it is so awesome! I've been trying to get another video like it, but Cambria isn't cooperating :-p She's a little camera- shy.

Well, I just wanted to keep you all updated and let you know that our little girl is doing wonderfully. Thank you all for your unending support and keep us in your prayers as we set out on the last ten weeks of pregnancy!


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Elisha said...

Alicia, you really do look adorable! I am so excited for you and Cody. I haven't really been following along with this blog, but I just sat here for about an hour and caught up with a lot of it! It is just incredible to read about everything you're going through. This will be awesome for you (and Cambria) to look back on later). I will keep you in my prayers and I hope everything continues to go well.