Monday, July 23, 2007

Stubborn little girl!

Cambria has learned to play a very fun, yet sometimes painful, game! Last night Cody and I were lying in the bed cuddling with our dog, Kemah, and Cambria started moving around a lot. I told Cody to look at my belly because you could see her moving. He put his hand on my belly and she stopped like usual. Cody pressed into her and she kicked back. We laughed and Cody was amazed at how distinctly you could feel her body. He pushed again and after a pause, she pushed back. These weren't just kicks that felt like my stomach was twitching, it was clearly an intentional push against Cody's hand. Cody spread his fingers out and poked with one finger. Every time he poked, Cambria would push/kick back. He would poke with his next finger and she would poke back. If she moved to a different spot, Cody would follow her, push into her gently and she would push back- not so gently! One time she even moved against his whole hand so it felt like she was rolling over into his hand. The whole experience was very fascinating and entertaining. Cody put his mouth on my stomach and pushed in and sure enough, Cambria kicked him in the mouth! The two of them played this game for quite awhile. Of course once Cody got the camera, she was done playing.

All of this activity, as usual, happened on the left side of my stomach. Some times my left side gets sore because that's really the only place she likes being. I've learned how to push her away from that left side, but it only takes a few moments before she pushes her way back over. She is definitely a very stubborn little girl! The harder I push her, the harder she pushes back. For the most part, I enjoy this little game. But some times if she gets a little too high into my ribs or too low into my bladder, I can get uncomfortable. She's got a definite personality.

The other night I am pretty sure we felt the hiccups. Again we were lying in the bed and my stomach felt like it was just twitching very rhythmically. I told Cody to scare them out of her, but he didn't think it would work. I think he just didn't want to be mean :-p

Every once in awhile if there is a loud noise, I will feel her jump. I was watching TV yesterday and the movie was so quiet I had the TV up really loud. Then the character turned the stereo up really loud and the TV blared a country song. Cambria jumped and began wiggling around. She went back to being still just a moment after that, so I think it startled her. I turned the TV down after that.

Today at work I am going to count how many times I say the word "September". Now that I am showing very noticeably everyone feels the need to ask questions. This is a typical conversation between a customer and myself on a normal day:
Customer: "When are you due?"
Me: "September"
Customer: "Aww! Do you know what you're having?"
Me: "Yes, it's a girl."
Customer: "Aww! Do you have a name picked out?"
Me: "Yes. Her name will be Cambria."
Customer: "That's so pretty!"
Then they will either go on to tell me about how either they, their sister, their aunt, their cousin, or their best friend has recently had a baby or they will proceed to tell me their horror story about giving birth. My favorite customers are the customers who simply say, "Well, good luck and you look great!" So tonight I'm going to count how many times I say "September" because even if they don't ask all the other questions, they ask about my due date.

I hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to get this baby out of me and into this world!


Veronica, to Lydia and I: "Who has the oldest baby in them?"

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