Saturday, June 16, 2007


I don't feel good today and I don't want to go work 7.5 hours in retail. The money is the only thing keeping me at my job. However, I'm trying to get a babysitting job on the side so I can make some money instead of sitting around the house on my days off (which are more days than I work). Nobody's going to hire me anywhere else, so I figure babysitting is my best bet. I'm due in September, so I can work through the summer.

I had my glucose screening test yesterday and after I drank the glucose, I had awful heartburn and stomach aches all day. I even got dizzy once and had to eat because I felt so faint. The heat is getting to me and stomach aches all day long don't help. The box of Tums says not to exceed 10 in one day, so I took 8 yesterday and called it quits. The heartburn can be really unbelieveable at times.

I'm going to ask my boss if I can take a lot of little breaks today because I really don't think I can be on my feet for that long. I should've gotten a doctor's excuse. Oh, well.


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