Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weight gain and constipation

As Cody put it, the baby is now the size of a fun size Snickers. He also wonders why he keeps saying the baby is the size of a food (skittle, shrimp, kidney bean, snickers...). He assures me that he has no desire to eat the baby. I wonder sometimes.

I'm gaining weight. I didn't think the weight gain would come for at least another month, but as I read, my uterus is getting bigger, so it could cause a little weight gain. Also, I read that you start gaining weight in your legs first. I haven't noticed fat legs yet, but boy am I dreading that! My pants don't fit as well, but maybe that's because I'm constipated. I got milk of magnesia, but it didn't do anything for me. Do you realize how awful that is? It hurts. It basically puts me in a bad mood all day because I feel so bloated and I can't get rid of anything I eat. So I think that's where the "weight" is coming from.

I didn't think I'd gained any noticeable weight, but then while I was at work, a customer said, "The last time I was in here, I heard you mention that you were pregnant and now you're already showing!" I wanted to tell her that the baby was hardly an inch big so there's no way I was "showing", but I just smiled politely. I told my co-workers that all she was seeing is my constipation. My pooh baby. Just for future reference- telling a pregnant girl that she's gained weight or that she's starting to show is not really OK. From your point of view, you might think it's going to happen anyway and it's not a big deal, but trust me, don't mention it. It's for your own safety. No matter why it's happening, no girl likes to be told she's gaining weight. Even if it's totally obvious that she is.

The cramping has let up a little, but they still come around at night. Even though they're not as frequent, the two or three that I get now hurt worse than ever before. I have to breathe through it and sometimes it makes me feel dizzy. However, I don't have insurance yet, so I can't just trot off to the doctor and get checked out. Frustrating. Truly frustrating.

Anyway, no other real updates. I still feel tired all the time, I cramp occassionally, I'm bloated and constipated. Things are moving slowly, but soon it's going to get out of hand, so I guess I should be grateful. Oh yeah, and the baby supposedly has fingers and toes now and eyelids are growing. Crazy. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm having a baby.


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Katie DDot said...

Milk of magnesia is a lifesaver- make sure you keep it handy for right after the baby is born too. I discovered cherry flavored which is yummy!

It always helped me to remember that the weight gain is temporary, but the beautiful outcome of it will last the rest of your life!