Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh dear God

I don't like it when people leave comments under 'anonymous'. Especially when the comment is: oh dear God. Or whatever it was. So clue me in... who wrote that? And what was it in response to? Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm having a baby. Oh. Dear. God. Is right. Who are you anonymous person?!

Anyway, nothing new so far. I've had two dreams now that I'm having a boy. I don't know if that makes it so, but it certainly makes me wonder. Will it be a Conor Michael Race ... or could it be a Cambria Mae- Lynn? I'm starting to think it's a Conor. Which I would be totally fine with. Then when our little Cambria comes along, she'll have a big brother to protect her.

My mom keeps telling me I need to not gain a lot of weight between now and the wedding and it's really not helpful to hear that. I can't exactly control how much weight I gain as far as the pregnancy goes. I can control what I eat and how much I eat, but that's about it. Trust me, I don't want to be a fat bride. Plus, my dress has already been fitted, so I know I don't need to gain any weight. But I can't stop it from happening a little. I don't think I'll be too big. I'm only about 8 weeks along right now, so I've got a little time before I start showing.

My stomach is constantly growling. It's really quite odd. I eat and I feel stuffed then moments later, my stomach is growling like crazy. How could that be? The fetus is only about the size of a pinto bean. However, it does have elbows now and the chambers for the brain. It's really surprising how much it grows from one week to the next.

So that's all. Thanks for the encouragement, Katie. I still need to cut back on the sugar a little, but it does help to hear that if I want ice cream and sprees every once in awhile, it's not going to kill me. Not together... the ice cream and sprees. Separately. But equally delicious.



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