Monday, January 29, 2007

Week #4!

Yesterday was 4 weeks. We went to church in Akron and it felt good to be there. During the service I felt really sick and dizzy just sitting there. I was trying my best not to throw up. I was just thinking, "what would the pastor do if I just puked in the middle of his sermon right on the floor? There's no way he could ignore it and continue. Everyone will see, don't do it!" So that was motivation enough. I made it through the service and had a nice chat with Marcia after the service. She's always been very supportive and now is no different. I really enjoy talking to women who have already been through the experience and can offer some advice and understanding.

So far I haven't experienced any morning sickness that involved actual vomiting. Thank God. But after I take my prenatal vitamins, I do tend to feel nauseous and dizzy. My teeth have also been hurting which my mom says is because the baby is taking any bit of calcium he/she can get out of my body. Not to mention, it's also sucking out any energy I may have in my body. I get out of bed, shower, start my day, and by the time I finish doing my makeup and eating breakfast, I'm ready to take a nap. I have never been so fatigued in my life.

No odd cravings so far. Not to me anyway. Cody thought it was weird that I was dipping vegetable crackers in ranch dressing, but I didn't see what was so odd about that. It was good. Mostly I have aversions. When I smell food I feel sick. Yesterday I ate some pot stickers and today the smell of them made me gag. It's like I can't eat one thing more than once a week because I instantly get sick of it. I am trying to increase my water intake. Slowly.

I'm getting plenty of rest and I'm trying to remain productive despite how tired I am all the time. I'm forcing myself to eat even when I don't want to. I'm trying to keep a low level of stress and that's really the hardest thing of all.

Well I have to get to work and watching Cody eat these pot stickers is making me want to throw up. So luckily, I'm getting of this house!


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Katie DDot said...

It sometimes helped me to take the prenatal vitamins at night, for some reason my stomach was less sensitive later in the day.
Peppermint tea was also a savior, just the smell of it made me feel better. Since you don't really drink tea you can get peppermint drops and add just a drop or two to water and it works just the same.

There's a fine line between helpful and obnoxious advice and I'm trying not to become the latter. Hope I don't annoy you too much!