Monday, November 26, 2007

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

Cambria fussed for about two hours just now and I was losing my mind. I breastfed her and she fought me the whole time so I finally just gave her breastmilk in a bottle and she gobbled it up. After that, she spit up at least 75% of it and began fussing again. I bounced her, sang to her, rocked her, changed her diaper, and she just fussed away. Finally, she drifted to sleep on my shoulder and when I repositioned her into a cradle hold, she woke up and started crying. In my frustration, I laid her on the couch and walked away. Within moments after laying her on the couch, she was asleep! Quite opposite from what we usually do- she cries until I pick her up. Now she cried until I put her down.

Christmas is upon us! There are so many things I want to get Cambria, but I keep telling myself that she won't know the difference between one gift and two hundred gifts so I shouldn't stress. I have, however, discovered that Children's Place is a great store! I always assumed they were expensive because they were in the mall, but I was really impressed with their prices. I went in for their after Thanksgiving sales (I was working at the mall anyway) and I got two sleepers, a hat, and a fleece outfit for Christmas. At that moment I realized how much I love Christmas shopping for my baby girl!

Among other gifts Cody and I have bought for her, we purchased a water resistant photo album that holds six photos. We plan on putting pictures of Cody's family in it so that she can familiarize herself with their faces right away. She loves looking at faces and expressions, so I think this will be great for her. I could easily go nuts with Christmas shopping.

Some things I really want to get her for Christmas include long sleeve onesies, clothes, books, a bumbo (I know they were recalled), extra bottle nipples, a big box of size 2 diapers, and some toys. I know my mom and Cody's mom will also be getting her gifts, so I'm not worried about quantity, I just want to be able to feel like her parents bought her things she will enjoy in the future.

She has recently noticed the TV and she is entranced with it. This frightens me a little, but it is kind of helpful in calming her down sometimes. The other morning she watched Sesame Street with my mom and she was smiling and cooing at Elmo. Not to mention, I was laughing hysterically at Alicia Keys dancing and singing in slow motion with Elmo. I am going to plop her down with Baby Einstein ASAP!

Thanksgiving was fun and it was great to see Cody's family again. Cambria enjoyed the company and the food was fabulous :-) Speaking of food... I'm hungry. I will post pictures later.


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Katie D-Dot said...

The Bumbo seats were recalled because of insufficient labels. Apparently some mother set her child in the seat on top of a table and the kid fell off. The company got busted because nowhere on the chair does it say not to do that, although it does say so on the box and a little handout that comes with it. As far as I understand it the seats function just fine.