Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cry it out?

I need opinions! Do you let a newborn cry it out? There are times when Cambria has been fed, swaddled, kissed, bounced, held, and given her acid reflux medicine and she still screams and screams. Do I lay her down and let her cry or is she still too young for that? They say you can't spoil a baby, but can I enable her to not learn how to self- soothe? I think self- soothing is an important skill to learn for the future, but is it too soon? She doesn't even have a concept of what she's doing or that she's driving us nuts. And how long do you let her cry? Cry it out or not?


Amber said...

No, you can't. Not this early. I know it sucks, but right now she's still learning whether or not to trust her surroundings- whether she will be provided for or not. They say to not start letting them cry it out until they are about 14 months--- it seems like FOREVER, but after all the child development and psych courses I've taken, That's my understanding. Look up Trust Vs. Mistrust and Piaget.

Katie D-Dot said...

It's true. You can't spoil a newborn. She's still unsure if you exist when you're not in the same room so when she screams the best thing you can do now is reassure her that you're doing everything you know how to make it better.
Invest in some ear plugs! They really do help! Or put on earphone so the music will drown out (or at least distort) the screaming.

Good luck !!