Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Quick facts about our (almost) two week old baby:
-She loves, loves, loves to suck on her fingers. She will enjoy a pacifier very much when I finally cave in and give her one.
-She eats almost every hour somedays (exhausting).
-We have to wash her hair everyday if we don't want it to look greasy.
-Once she gets started crying, there's no telling when it will ever end.
-She hates having her diaper changed. She screams and kicks and throws a fit everytime!
-(This is probably our fault) she won't sleep in her crib.
-She likes being swaddled.
-She likes the sound of my dad's voice.
-She almost always has to be rocked/bounced/paced to sleep.
-I have a bad cough right now and every time I cough she jumps.
-She smiles a lot!
-They say breastfed babies diapers don't stink, but hers do!
-She sneezes constantly- sometimes up to seven times in a row.
-If she thinks she's about to sneeze and the sneeze doesn't come out, she releases the cutest coo sound anyone has ever heard. Cody's tried to record the sound, but it happens so quickly he always misses it.
-She smiles while she is making a poo- poo and then once she's all done she cries quite a bit.
-We feed her mylicon like it's going out of style because we assume (no way of really knowing) that she gets bad gas almost every time she eats.
-She gets the hiccups, literally, every time she eats.
-The last few nights she has slept for 6 or 7 hours straight through the night. They say you shouldn't let them go that long without eating, but if I'm sleeping and she's sleeping... well, we'll feed on demand at night :-p
-She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow because her umbilical cord is bleeding.
-Breastfeeding gets difficult because she likes to keep her fingers in her mouth while she's eating! I'm not kidding when I say that she loves to suck on her fingers!
-Her ankles and her wrists dry out very easily and we have to put baby lotion on them constantly.
-Some times I'm afraid she's cold and I bundle her up so much that she sweats through her onesie! Keeping her body temperature just right is not easy!
-We think she likes to sleep in her "sleep positioner" because it feels like someone is holding her when really no one is.
-Her face looks like a cat played with her for a little while because she scratches herself all the time. If I put mittens on her, she cries because she can't suck her fingers. If I leave the mittens off, she scratches herself! I can't win!

Facts about being a new mommy:
-I cry when Cody leaves for work because the idea of spending another day in the house changing diapers, breastfeeding, and trying to soothe and inconsolable baby just weighs me down.
-Lansinoh is my best friend. Google it if you don't know.
-I like using the wipe warmer, but I don't think it makes them warm enough.
-I'm healing all right I guess. I still have to take Motrin every six hours, but I'm managing.
-12 days after her birth and I'm already wearing normal jeans again!
-I'm trying to learn how to not get flustered when she's throwing a fit.
-When I watch other people try to calm her down (except for Cody), I go nuts if they're not doing it "right".
-My arms are sore from holding her so much.
-The swelling in my feet is finally gone.
-One of the things I miss the most about my life prior to our bundle of joy is spending time with my husband. We are both always so concerned with caring for her that we hardly even have conversations anymore.
-When it comes to Cambria's medical care, I get a little anal (for lack of a better term). Finding a doctor I'm pleased with may prove to be more difficult than it seems. A couple of receptionists experienced a little attitude from me today.
-I count the hours until Cody will get home.
-I don't particularly like breastfeeding, but I'm doing it for her.
-Motherhood is not, at all, what I was expecting. There are a lot more tears (mine and hers) involved than I ever heard about and it can be very lonely.
-The more I get to know her, the more I love her. Everyday I love her more and more and I imagine that's how it will be for the rest of our lives.

I can never tell how long my entries are going to be because I never know how long she's going to let me sit down. Right now she's sleeping in her carseat on the kitchen table. I don't have a little bouncy chair or anything, so I just put her in her seat some times if I need to be upstairs. The dogs are just to curious to let her sleep on the couch or anything. Well I think she's slowly waking up... so this is a good place to call it quits.


Oh, yeah. My advice to new moms: sleep when the baby sleeps! It's difficult to make yourself lay down and relax, but do it!

As you can tell, I'm not too great about doing that myself!

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Katie D-Dot said...

I often dread the days Jared will be gone long hours. If you ever have a particularly lonely day let me know if you want company! I don't really know where you live, but Eirelyn is easy to pop in the car for a little trip.

I hope you can get the sneeze-coo on recorded sometime so I can hear it!