Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doctor's visit

I am extremely sleep deprived. Yesterday I slept for a few hours before Cody got home from work then I was basically up the rest of the night. I haven't slept in quite awhile.

I finally laid Cambria down around 8 AM and she, of course, woke up crying. After I couldn't get her to calm down, I decided to just get up and start my day. I changed her diaper, fed her, and took a shower. I finally found the time to wash her hair and she seemed to enjoy it!

We had our doctor's appointment today because her umbilical cord has been bleeding the past couple days. I switched to a pediatrician instead of taking her to a family doctor. As I said in my last entry, I get a little crazy when it comes to finding a good doctor. Today I was really pleased with our doctor. She asked plenty of questions (I like that) and she was very friendly. She looked at Cambria's umbilical cord and said she probably has a hernia and there isn't anything they can do for it until the cord falls off. Even after it falls off, though, they don't do anything until the child is at least five years old because by that time it usually resolves itself. She said that it shouldn't be causing Cambria any pain, it just looks gross. So she put something on the cord that should make it fall off in 48 hours or less. She said it may continue to ooze a little after it falls off, but it's nothing to be alarmed about.

Dr. Miller (that's her name) asked how breastfeeding was going and I told her it was difficult but it was getting easier. She checked Cambria's weight today and compared it with her birth weight and said she was a little concerned that Cambria wasn't gaining weight as quickly as she should be. She decided to make another appointment for Monday and we'll check her weight again and look at the cord. I was really happy that she made a follow- up appointment for her weight because it was worrying me quite a bit. With breastfeeding you just never know if they're getting enough! I don't want to give Cambria a pacifier until she's back to her birth weight or above it.

I was so happy to find a doctor who seemed genuinely concerned and interested in all the little things about Cambria. She even checked her for thrush even though I didn't even mention it. The doctor's office even had a comment box where you could tell them anonymously what you thought of their work. Needless to say, I was pleased as pie!

Tomorrow we have an appointment with WIC and they will check her weight again. Cambria tends to cry a lot whenever we mess with her clothes or her diaper. She hates being undressed and dressed. However, once she's naked or clothed she's quite content with the change. I just can't stand the sound of her screaming so I tend to dread diaper changes.

Today she slept in a laundry basket because I didn't have anywhere else to put her for a few minutes. She didn't seem to mind! Right now she's sleeping in her car seat again on the kitchen table because we're waiting for Cody to get home and hopefully we can all take a nap.

Kemah is freaking out right now because I let her sniff Cambria for a minute. Kemah will not stop crying and trying to get at Cambria. I'm going to kill that dachshund!



Katie D-Dot said...

I LOVE that you let her sleep in the laundry basket!! Did you take a picture?

When we go to WIC appointments they don't make me undress Eirelyn as long as I tell them her diaper was just changed before they left so it's not wet and heavy. Hopefully they do the same for Cambria.

Anonymous said...

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