Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So it goes...

Today was our weekly appointment. I am dilated one centimeter, whatever that means. I know you have to be ten centimeters before you can deliver, but it can take weeks to reach that. Everyone keeps saying "She'll be here soon!" and I just tell them that they've still got awhile. Believe me, if there's anyone who wants this baby out as soon as possible, it's me, but I have my mother's intuition that's telling me she's going to take her time (just like her daddy).

Tomorrow is my last day of work and I'll be working a 6.5 hour shift. I should be grateful for the hours, but I am surprised that Sarah would schedule me such a long shift three days from my due date. I hope after she gets pregnant she realizes how tough I was throughout mine. I really try my best to not complain at work and to be as polite to the customers as I can stand to be.

We had another NST and fluid check today and everything looked good. Again, the nurse asked me if I was having any contractions and when I told her "no" she said I'd had one. I laughed and she said I might just breeze right through labor. Wouldn't that be lovely? I told her I didn't even know what they felt like and she explained what other women have said and I told her I haven't experienced any of that. I think I'm having contractions, but they do not sound, at all, like what other women explain. I get a sharp shooting pain that bolts into my hip bones and thighs and groin. I feel these sharp pains for about an hour and then they go away completely. Everyone else describes them as menstrual cramps or pressure on the bladder. I always feel pressure on my bladder, so that's not a new sensation to me. I would rather have menstrual cramps than whatever it is that I'm experiencing for sure.

So our due date is Sunday and after that it's just a waiting game. I continue to assure everyone that she isn't going to be here by then, but there are those who are doubting. My mother thinks she will be here by the 20th (yeah, right!) and my dad says the 27th. Cody says/wishes the 21st. I hate this waiting game and I am ready to meet her. I feel like she's going to be in there for all of eternity.

Yesterday at the laundromat (yes, our washer quit working) a little boy grilled me on what it's like to be pregnant. He poked me in the belly softly and said, "What's that?" I told him it was a baby and his eyes got big. He asked, "A whole baby is in there?" I laughed and told him that yes, a whole baby was living in my tummy. He looked a little terrified and said, "What'd you do with her head?" I laughed and told him it was in there with her. After about a hundred more questions he asked me if she had any toys in there to play with. He was very funny and I slyly avoided the "Where did she come from?" question. I didn't mind talking to the little boy, but I did mind that his parents sat obliviously on the other side of the laundromat allowing me to, in essence, babysit their kid.

My bag still needs a few things added to it, but it's all cleaned and ready to go, I just need to squeeze it in. I'm watching for the signs of labor every minute of everyday and I'm just trying to not let it show that I'm going absolutely insane on the inside. I still need to do some cleaning around the house, but I need the motivation to do that... and I don't have it. As soon as Cambria graces us with her presence, I will be sure to alert the media.


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