Friday, September 14, 2007

NST and 3D!

We had another doctor's appointment today. First, I would like to say that I would not deal with Summa or Akron hospitals again simply because they do not communicate with one another and it makes my life very frustrating. Moving on.

We went in for an NST and, of course, the results were great. There was no irregularity in her heartbeats and the heart rate was normal. When we arrived for the NST they informed us that we were also scheduled for an ultrasound I was not aware of. Again, an example of our hospital(s) not communicating with one another.

The ultrasound was amazing. They were looking to measure fluids around Cambria to ensure that there was enough fluid and in the right places. For some reason the nurse who was performing the ultrasound decided (after she saw that all the fluids were normal) to get a few 3D photos of Cambria's face. I think the 3D device was new and she wanted to try it out and we were lucky enough to be there! Once they figured out exactly how to operate the thing, we got some incredible photos of Cambria's face. On the screen, they looked so clear that I couldn't hide my fascination and excitement. The photos she printed out for us (below) were black and white and are not as clear, but still quite amazing. Cody has the best photo at work with him, so I will post that one later. Her arm is in front of her face in the pictures. Hopefully you can make sense of them, the scan isn't so great.

So we are nine days away from our due date, no dilation, the cervix is still softening, and Cambria is locked and loaded. I'm still working and I have some 6- 7 hour shifts next week that I'm sure I'll be around for. I am living proof that you can be fully functional while pregnant. Granted, I take a lot of breaks and I'm not as fast around the store as I used to be, but I'm not going to let it hold me back. Not to mention, we need the money!
We are all very eager to meet our little girl. I still have a feeling that she's going to be late. She may not be an October baby, but she will not be here by the 23rd. You just wait and see... I'll be right.


Amber said...

CUUUUUTE! I can't wait to meet her! Hope you're doing well!

Blondie said...

This is my precious baby Granddaughter Cambria!!!!!!
I wish we were closer so I could pick you up & kiss you everyday.

Amber said...

hey, Patrick and I have started a new blog!!