Thursday, September 13, 2007

10 Days to go!

Things are going well. I'm ten days from my due date and I'm ready. No dilating. I weigh 154 pounds now and that's a pretty good weight.

Tonight a girl in the walmart bathroom asked me if I had a tampon and I laughed, pointed at my belly, and said, "Sorry, I don't have to deal with that right now!" Her friend looked at me then turned to the girl and said, "Duh! Why'd you even ask her that!?" I laughed and told them it was OK and I was sorry I couldn't help them. The girl asked when I was due, if I knew the gender, and what the name was we had picked out. I told her the name and she said, "Oh, cool, like Coheed and Cambria?" and I said, "Yes! Exactly like that." She said, "Is that why you're naming her that? Because of the band?" Yep! She got really excited and said, "Man, your daughter's going to be COOL!" I laughed as I heard them leave and the one girl explained to the other girl who Coheed and Cambria was.

At work another woman told me that, based on the size of my butt, I was having a boy. I laughed and told them I'd heard it all now and reassured them that I've seen the results... and it's a GIRL!!! Just an FYI you cannot tell the gender of a baby just from looking at the mother! When our little girl emerges from the womb, I'll be so happy to tell everyone how wrong they were.

Tomorrow I have another No-stress test just so they can continue to monitor Cambria's heart. Everyday I'm busy with either working or doctor's appointments (or both) and I can't wait until I have a day where I don't have to be anywhere all day!

I had two dreams about Cambria last night and I'm more eager than ever before to meet her. I imagine that everyday the anticipation is just going to intensify until she's finally here. However, I am absolutely terrified, horrified, mortified, frightened to give birth. I know she will be worth it all, but I'm still scared!

Thanks again for every one's love and support- we appreciate it so much! I can't wait until I (and all of you) can meet this little creature that is currently kicking me in the ribs.


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Blondie said...

The part where you described about being in the bathroom at Wal-Mart with those girls made me bust out laughing. I felt like I was there with you!