Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

OK. So it's Wednesday and Sunday was our due date. We had three doctor's appointments today and here's what's going on!

The morning began at 8:15 AM. I signed in at the doctor and made a joke to the receptionist/nurse that I was just going to move in. They weighed me in at 158.8 lbs. and asked if there had been any symptoms or "progress". I told the nurse that there was nothing new and she sent in the doctor. The doctor examined me and said there was no progress and I was still at one centimeter (you have to be at 10 to deliver). She said that they won't let me go past 42 weeks, checked the heart rate, and sent me back to the waiting room while she prepared my next appointment time. After a few minutes she called me back and explained how things usually work at this point. She decided that we should come back on Sunday morning for another NST. She said normally they would give you three more NSTs before they induce, but there was no point in waiting that long for me. Cody politely told her that she could induce today if she wasn't too busy :-p So she said I will do my NST on Sunday then normally they would do another one on the Wednesday after that, but she had gone ahead and scheduled me to be induced that morning. She seemed to think that since there wasn't much progress from week to week that things won't get moving until then, so that will probably be her birthday.

After that appointment we waited around Akron until our appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine dept. for an NST and AFI. Our NST went smoothly and they sent us in for an AFI which is an ultrasound where they check the amniotic fluids in the sac to make sure Cambria's completely nourished and protected. During this they also checked for the size of the baby. Cambria was in position just as she needed to be and her feet were in my right ribs. We could see her face and she was very active throwing her arms in front of her face like she usually does. Every ultrasound we have she has her arms in front of her face. Even with the 2-D ultrasound we could tell that she has chubby cheeks! The nurse also said she had a chubby arm haha. The measurements of her abdomen, head, spine, arms, legs, and internal organs looked good. After all those measurements the nurse checked for Cambria's weight. She was shocked to tell us that Cambria was weighing in at 8 lbs. 8 oz. already! I was so shocked and a little terrified when she told me that! The nurse pleased us with another 3D ultrasound too! Cambria was more cooperative this time with the 3D. We could see her very clearly and the nurse commented numerous times on how "beautiful" and "gorgeous" she looks in there. Here are those pictures (some of them aren't very good quality, but I do what I can):

Last night I had a bit of a mental breakdown and Cody was there to talk me back to sanity. Going past your due date is truly hellish and I cannot even express the frustration it causes. She may not be stressed, but I certainly am. My ribs are constantly sore and I can't sleep for more than a couple hours at a time because she is always pushing so hard on my bladder. I talk to her all the time and beg her to come out and I've even prayed to God that He would end this agony, but I remind myself that I do not know what's best for me and I'm trusting that God is working through the doctors and I'm trusting them. Being on maternity leave is also killing me because I'm sitting around with nothing to do all day! There's a lot of cleaning I could be doing, but bending over is impossible, not to mention staying energized long enough to get things done. Our house is a mess and I have to get motivated to clean it this week!

My car is fixed for the most part, but the windshield wipers aren't working now! As I've said before: if it isn't one thing, it's another. Cody put my new stereo in my car and I love it, but I can't even enjoy it because it's been raining since I got my car back and the wipers just will not turn on. I paid to have my car fixed and now it's still just sitting there. I don't know what to do next! We even got the car seat put in place and everything.

Well, I will keep everyone updated and I ask that you keep us all in your prayers on Wednesday. Naturally, I'm very nervous about everything, but of course I'm very excited to meet her. Thanks, everyone, for all your love and support and I hope to be introducing you to our little girl very soon!


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Katie D-Dot said...

Going past your due date is totally hellish- I completely understand -Eirelyn waited 11 days before her debut. Each day that you're overdue is one more day closer to meeting Cambria! Yay!

You mentioned in an earlier post about the epidural- sure it sucks getting a shot but the relief it provides it really worth it. I think it's great that you've already decided to go for it because you're prepared. When your mind and body aren't consumed by pain you'll actually be able to focus on breathing, pushing and really experience Cambria coming into the world.

Let me know if you've got any last minute questions I can help with :)