Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Day...

Today is Friday and Sunday is our due date. Last night I was complaining that women who go into labor early don't know what true pregnancy is because they didn't have to suffer through the anticipation as long. I know that's not true, but I certainly do envy people whose babies are ready to come out early. I definitely don't envy women with premature babies as that can be very dangerous and scary, but after 37 weeks you're golden.

I forced myself to have a short burst of energy and I got my bag packed today. There are a few things I could add, but they aren't necessary, so if it gets added in that's fine, but if not, that's OK, too. My room is still quite messy, but that short burst of energy didn't last long enough to get that done. Besides, I think I've got at least another week before Cambria decides to show up. I hope I'm wrong about that, but I really believe it will still be awhile.

Everyone tells me I look like I'm "about to pop" (which I hate hearing) but I don't think I look that big. I haven't gained a lot of weight during this pregnancy really. As of now I have only gained 31 pounds since the pregnancy began. The last two weeks I haven't gained any weight and I've basically plateaued at 31 pounds. The nurse at my last appointment said I've got a nice little table right now. I'm "all baby" as they say.

Our neighbor noticed that my car has been sitting across the street for awhile and he offered to fix it for me. He said he wouldn't charge us a lot and he would start on it tomorrow. I really hope it gets done before Cambria comes- it would be so exciting! I would like to go ahead and put my bag in the trunk and lock in the car seat in the backseat so we'd really be all ready to go. I don't have the most reliable car, but it would be nice to bring her home in my car instead of using my parent's car if for no other reason than it would seem symbolic of starting a new independent chapter of my life (even though my dad bought me the car haha). I'm not going to count on it being done in time, but it would be nice.

So tomorrow's another day that I'm sure will come and go with no Cambria. She still hasn't dropped completely. Last night I had a few intense contractions, but after I walked around for a few minutes they went away. If contractions feel like pressure on your bladder then I seem to have a lot of them, but I just don't know what they should feel like honestly. I just assume that any intense abdominal pain is a contraction.

Tonight I'm going to a Tastefully Simple party which means I'll get to taste lots of free yummy food and that's always a good time.

There's still a little more cleaning that needs to be done before she arrives, but otherwise, we are ready to meet her. She's kicking now!


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