Thursday, March 15, 2007

I love naps

I've been busy with wedding stuff and I'm finally getting a minute to sit down and update. I am so glad that the stress of the wedding is over- my skin is clearing up finally! Man am I glad I don't ever have to do that again.

I've been craving pickles lately and I've eaten two today already. I have to pee like crazy now and everything I drink goes right through me. I wake up with cramps because I have to pee so bad. My pants are really really tight and I'm only comfortable when I wear sweatpants. Everyday around 5:30 I get extremely tired and I have to rest or I get dizzy. I even took a nap in the car in the parking lot of Wal*Mart I was soooo tired!! Cody was with me. Just fifteen minutes makes a huge difference though.

So those are the only "new" developments as of now. We're moving along.

-Alicia CURRY

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