Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Swinging, Christmas & Formula feeding

Cambria has been doing this new, annoying thing in her sleep. She will fall asleep and I'll lay down with her and we'll sleep for a good chunk of time. But when she decides to wake up, she will lay there and wiggle around and make noise for a good hour before she finally really wakes up. On my smart mornings I get up with her as soon as the wiggling begins and feed her. Sometimes she'll fall back asleep and other times she won't.

Christmas is coming up quickly and I didn't get everything I would've liked to for her. I did get a lot of clothes for her, but I couldn't find any toys worthy of my hard- earned cash. I bought all 3- 6 months clothes and she's still wearing newborn. So I don't know if she'll be able to wear them when we go to Texas for Christmas. I love Children's Place!

Cambria has learned to love her swing! The past few days I've been able to put her in the swing and she has fallen asleep. Some times I miss holding her when she's in it, but I know I can get things done and I know this ability to sleep without being held is monumental so I leave her to it. I'm going to have to stock up on batteries though if she's going to continue to love her swing! She's even started reaching out for the toys on the front of it.

I'm working two jobs now and I miss her so much while I'm gone. I understand why women become stay-at-home moms. Some days I think I would hate it and then on my days off I think it's blissful. If we had our own place, I might be able to enjoy the idea more. Oh well, it's not an option anyway so I won't even entertain the thought. I hope someday Cambria understands that all the work I'm doing now (the cause for my absence) is a necessary evil. I want her to have nice things and I have to keep her fed and clothed.

Speaking of feeding. Breastfeeding has basically come to a halt. With two jobs and this recent sinus infection I have been too busy and too exhausted to pump. I get so antsy just sitting in the bathroom pumping, I can't stand it! I know it's worth it when it comes down to the money we'd save, but I don't have the time! My goal is to REALLY start pumping after the Christmas season is over. In the meantime I'm going to change my WIC coupons to formula *sigh*.

Uh oh! The Jellybean is crying!

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