Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sleeping again and Baby Xander

Again, she is napping in my bed all by herself. She threw a pretty big fit for about 30 minutes and after I fed her she conked out. Last night she slept in bed with us and we breastfed a few times during the night.

Cody, Cambria, and I went to the hospital last night and I got to hold Xander for the first time. He slept the whole time I held him and he made the cutest sleep noises I've ever heard. Every exhale came with a little squeak. He would make such loud squeaks while he was sleeping, it was hilarious! Cambria also slept through the whole visit and we just sat and visited with Ryan and Lydia. We watched the video that I recorded during her labor and it was so funny we had to turn it off because Lydia said it hurt too bad to laugh so hard. There were a couple times when the camera would be pointed at the wall and you would hear Ryan say, "Alicia... you're recording." and then I would say, "No, I'm not." And then it would cut to the next scene. Haha. Unlike Cambria, Xander does not like to be bounced or rocked when he is sleeping. I was holding him and, out of habit, I was bouncing and he started to wake up a little so I stood still and he went back to squeak- sleeping happily.

So tonight Cody's going to Cleveland Heights with a friend and I'm going to be at home with Cambria. I miss my freedom. But mostly I miss having a car for myself. I'm tired, I might go lay down.

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