Friday, November 2, 2007

One handed

Baby slings are outrageously expensive! I got one for a baby gift during my pregnancy, but I didn't realize that it was a size small and I threw away the packaging and I can't return it. I tried using the carrier I have and she doesn't like having her legs dangling like that. I can't ever put her down for even a minute because she's very clingy. I love that about her, but I can't get anything done! I thought a sling would solve the problem, but they are so expensive! There are some cute and creative slings on ebay, but the ones I like are all between $35- $50 and I am too cheap for that! I guess she will have to learn to self soothe at a young age because I can't carry her all day. By the way, this is all typed with one hand.

We've been taking baths together at night lately and I find it soothing. She seems to like it for a little while but eventually throws a fit. Last night she got a bottle (yes, I'm regularly supplementing now) while wearing her froggy bath robe. I will post pictures when I have more time!

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