Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Not feeling so good... but eager!

Well, we've just about made it to Cambria's birthday. Tomorrow morning I'm going into Summa Hospital to be induced at 9AM. I don't know what method they are going to use to induce me, but I'm hoping it's one that gets things moving quickly. I also hope they induce me and keep me in the hospital instead of sending me home to manage the pain on my own. I know they won't give me the epidural until the contractions are reasonably close together, but since the hospital is so far away, it would just be easier for us to stay in Akron. Since they have been monitoring Cambria's heart rate so closely I'm sure they're going to keep us there.

I woke up this morning with a headache, nausea, and a wicked cramp in my left shoulder. I think the nausea is just because I'm feeling unbelievably nervous about everything. Last night I laid awake and I wondered if Cody could feel my shaking because I was worrying myself sick thinking about being induced. I've always been so afraid to give birth and now that it's upon us, I am truly terrified. Lydia said that she thinks she would like to be induced because then she would know when it was going to happen. I likened it to knowing the day you're going to die... you just live in fear and dread of that day.

There's still a handful of things that I need to get done, but I feel so dizzy and sick that I can't imagine doing anything but laying around and feeling sick.


3:39 PM
As you can tell, I get a little bored these days waiting around with too much to do. I get motivated to do something and that motivation only lasts for about ten minutes, so I'm not getting a lot done. After I ate some waffles and drank some water my stomach calmed down and so did I. As I've said throughout this pregnancy... food makes everything better. I'm getting ready to get in the shower and hopefully get some serious motivation.

Cody works tonight and I plan on being in bed by the time he gets home. After work he's supposed to go by the hotel his mom will be staying at and see them before he comes home, so I'm sure I'll be asleep when he gets in. I tried to get up early, but it didn't work out so well since I wasn't feeling good. Either way, I feel tired, so I hope to stay that way until I can call it a day.

I called the health center where I see my doctor and asked them if they knew what kind of methods would be used to induce me. The only thing they could guarantee was that it would be something through an IV and there was no telling how long it would take. I think it will take awhile to get her out of there! Just thinking about all of it is making me feel sick again. I wish I were tougher!

I saw ribs in the sink thawing, so I'm thinking it's going to be a good dinner tonight :-) Everything I do today I keep telling myself "this is the last time I _____ as a free woman". So that will be the last time I eat ribs without a baby in my life. Haha. I'm silly, I know.


9:03 PM
Finally, this day is coming to a close. I'm drinking some sleepytime tea and getting ready to say my prayers and lay down. Naturally, I'm very nervous, but I cannot wait to meet our little girl. It is very surreal to know that by this time tomorrow I will probably have met Cambria. This little baby who has been kicking me in the ribs and causing me so much trouble is going to be here at last! This is probably my last entry before the induction, so I hope everyone has enjoyed this blog and thanks for all the prayers and support!


Amber said...

I'll be thinking of you all through the day tomorrow, Alicia! Good luck with everything. I know you're scared, but just remember that this was what women were made for, and that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. Also, it's over now! No more Cambria kicking you in the ribs after this, no more contractions at night, etc. And you'll have Cambria there with you!!

Have Cody call me with her details as soon as it's convenient for you guys, ok? If I don't hear from either of you for a week or so, good luck with your first week being mommy and daddy!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you!! I hope that everything goes well!!!