Monday, September 3, 2007

The countdown is on...

It won't be much longer. I feel like it's going to be forever until I get to meet this little girl, but I know it will be here before I know it. I still have a feeling (call it intution) that she's going to be at least a week late. She's a slow mover like her daddy, I think, so it will be awhile yet. We have 20 days until my due date.

Kemah has noticed a change happening and I don't think she likes it too much. She has been clinging to me nonstop and she's hopeless without me. I appreciate all the love and attention, but it gets exhausting. Especially at night when she's in her cage crying while I'm trying to sleep.

My hospital bag still isn't packed! I need to wash my nightgown and a few other things. Other than the hospital bag, I just need to change the sheets on the crib and take out the crib bumper (and wash the bumper) and we'll be ready.

My car should finally be getting fixed this week and I'm thrilled about that. As soon as it's in my driveway and driveable, I'm going to put the carseat in, put my bags in the trunk, and I'll feel 100% prepared for the whole process to begin. I want to go into labor and have every thing ready to go to the point that Cody and I are looking around the house wishing we had something to do to get ready. Jamie always said that when she went into labor she was going to shave her legs before going to the hospital, haha. I don't think she followed through with that.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I am still planning to breastfeed as long as my milk comes in right away. Even if my milk doesn't come in right away, I'm going to find a way to breastfeed as soon as I can. I don't plan on giving her bottles or pacifiers for, at least, the first three weeks. These are, of course, plans and you never know what will happen. She is technically full-term at 37 weeks (we hit 37 yesterday), so there shouldn't be any reason why she would need supplementing with formula unless she's jaundice or something. If she were to be born now her lungs would be ready for the outside world and she'd be fine! That makes me really eager! But then I think about how painful it's going to be and I'm not so eager.

That's all! Today is Labor Day and we're having a cookout later tonight. The mosquitos are really awful though, so I hope I can handle it. I'm ready for the cool weather to begin.

To Cambria,
I hope you enjoy reading this journal someday! I'm already in love with you and your daddy and I cannot wait to meet you and learn all about you for the rest of your life. Now come out and play, silly girl!


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