Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Happy Accident

On January 20, 2007 I went into work at Fashion Bug, clocked in, put my things away and got ready for the day. I was tired from a lack of sleep the night before, but it was going to be a short shift. My boss, Jamie was working and another Sales Associate, Tiffany was working with us.

Jamie had just recently discovered she was pregnant and another Sales Associate, Mia also found out she was pregnant. Jamie and I were chatting behind the counter and she suddenly blurted out, "are you pregnant?" Shocked, I shrugged my shoulders. She asked if I was late and I held up three fingers and said "days", shyly. She gasped and said "Go to the Dollar Tree and buy a test!" I laughed and said, "I highly doubt that those tests are reliable." She explained that when she first found out she was pregnant, it was from one of their tests. So she sent me on a mission to the Dollar Tree. I'd never felt so ridiculous as I did buying pregnancy tests at the Dollar Tree. However, I was nervous.

The night before, I had decided that the next day I would buy a test, but I didn't expect to be doing it at work. Anyway...

So I came back with two tests because I wanted to be sure. Jamie took me in the back room and explained the best way to do it with that particular test and sent me to the bathroom. I took the test and I watched the square box fill up with pink. Two lines meant positive, one meant negative. I was looking for one line, hoping for one line, holding breath for ONE LINE. Slowly, one very dark pink line appeared. I watched as the box filled up more and saw a second line appearing vaguely. My eyes got as big as sand dollars, I couldn't believe a second line was showing up. Quickly, I opened the door and went to the desk. Jamie said, "Well?" Nervously, I said, "You go look at it and tell me what you think." She went into the bathroom. As I stood with Tiffany, I explained that it would be bad timing for Cody and I as we were currently planning our Christmas wedding to be on Dec. 15, 2007. Jamie came out of the bathroom and said, "You're pregnant!" I ran back to the bathroom and sure enough, there were two dark pink lines on the test.

Instantly, I started crying and went into the break room to sit down. I began drinking water fast and I was sweating. I called Cody and said, "Jamie asked if I was pregnant and she had me take a test here at work ... and oh, my God, Cody, I'm pregnant." He said, "Are you serious?" Jamie came into the room and asked if I was OK and all I could say was, "I don't know what to do! We can't afford this right now." Cody said he would come to see me at work as soon as he was ready and we hung up. Jamie assured me that everything was going to be OK and told me to take my time. I regained composure and went back to work.

I drank two bottles of water and went to take the second test. Needless to say, it was positive also, definitely positive. It was becoming more real to me as the day passed. I decided, on my break, to get the digital test because I wanted to be 100% positive. I took the digital test and of course it said "pregnant." I accepted it as I talked about it with my co-workers and I began dreading telling my parents. Cody told his mom over the phone and he texted me to tell me that she was excited for us. I felt a little better knowing that his mom was on board with us. I knew my parents would be, too it was just going to be challenging to tell them.

My parents picked me up from work (my car is still not fixed) and the drive home was silent. I was going crazy inside my head, trying to think of how to tell them, when to tell them, and wondering what they would say or do. They had been grocerry shopping all day and I didn't want to tell them until we were home.

At home, my mom was unpacking grocerries and my dad was changing light bulbs in the kitchen. I watched my dad changing the light bulbs and I waited until he pulled the last dead one down and I knew he was done with the task. Finally, before I burst, I said, "You guys? I'm pregnant." With light bulb in hand, my dad said, "No you're not!" I said, "Yes, I am." He sighed heavily then went to the door to smoke a cigarette. My mom was speechless for a moment and said, "Well, that changes things." I started crying and my mom hugged me. My dad said, "Don't cry, we're not mad or anything!" I said, "I know, I'm just scared." They were very understanding and calm about it. Once it settled in, we started discussing that we would need to move the wedding up.

The next morning I took the second digital test (a total of four tests) and it was, again, positive. Cody was still in bed downstairs in the house and I yelled down the stairs, "CODY?" he said, "Yeaaah?" I said, "I'm still pregnant!" I found myself feeling happy. I was glad to see the positive result. It had sunk in and I was feeling a little excited. We're having a baby!

So that's the story of how I found out that I was pregnant. There's a lot more stuff (including another positive test) that happened between then and now, but that's the main idea. The wedding has been moved to March 10, 2007 in Dallas, TX. A big bump! I'm about 3 weeks along. I can tell you the exact moment it was conceived, so there's no wondering about that!

So today is the 24th and because I skipped breakfast, I felt pretty sick all afternoon. I worked today and thought for sure I was going to puke while ringing out a shopper, but I didn't, thank God. Cody's working this evening and we're working on planning a fast fast fast wedding.

Our baby names (we shook on it, that's it):
Girl: Cambria Mae- Lynn Curry
Boy: Conor Michael Race Curry

Everyone's excited and despite the nervousness, so am I. Plenty more stories to come.

And to the Little Baby in my Tummy,
I love you already... more than you'll ever know.



Blondie said...

I can't believe I'm going to be a Grandma!!! I'm very happy for you both. See there... I knew it was a good thing to fly Alicia in & surprise Cody for his birthday, although I know you'd found your way to each other by now! I love you both. Madre

Aunt Melody said...

I'm so excited I'm going to be an aunt. (A full one this time.) I can't wait....and for the next one, Alicia, I want to do the sonagram! I love you both, and the little baby in your tummy!

Ottie said...

im so excited about this congratulations!

KatieDdot said...

Congrats Alicia! I'm so glad you're keeping a blog to track your pregnancy because now I can read all about YOUR journey!! :)

scar0213 said...

whoa, uh just heard, just read, wow! i don't know what to say since we don't really talk anymore, but congrats to you and cody. hope everything (wedding and all) goes well. jason